Army of Two - Co-op Carnage

Not had much time to play much gaming the past week on the consoles but I did get some time to co-op with Abbas on Army of Two.

The game has a mission based structure with some taking longer than others (especially if we die & have to respawn to the last checkpoint). There have been some nice gameplay moments which include a nice driving section with the other player on a mounted gun & a slide down a hallway with a building exploding (reminds of some gameplay I saw on Bulletstorm).

The game seems to have done away with the back to back feature from the previous game which had you taking out a large number of enemies whilst having your back to your co-op partner.

Earlier in the game there was a mission set in the past in which we rescued a hostage named Fiona who we now meet up five years later & she informs us of the cartel's hideout which is in a church.

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