GTA V - $500K Stimulus Package

Apart from the UGVM PMG session I have not really touched the game. I'm still thinking about if I should play the single player or not but for now I am ignoring that & focusing on just the online part of the game.

Thanks to the $500K stimulus package from Rockstar, I went shopping for an apartment & purchased 3 Atla St, Apt 57 Downtown Los Santos, Los Santos for $223K.

It also comes with a 10 car garage which I have started to fill up already.

I did not want to venture into the online world without really getting to know the controls & have a good feel for the game. So I started an invite only mode which is essentially a private mode (this is initiated from the single player section of the game, by pressing start & going to online).

I have done a few single player missions which reward you with a bit of cash & some experience points. Simeon keeps sending me text messages on vehicles he wants me to get for him but when I get these vehicle's I am not sure where to deliver them? I need to practice more on how to best evade cops. At the moment I am driving back to my garage & that seems to get the cops of my back.

Not quite sure what else there is to do, certainly not much for the single player so will venture out into the online world to fail miserably at racing, crash when flying a plane or helicopter & miss all the checkpoints when doing a parachute jump.

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