New Game - Remember Me

I have now calmed down about the Batman corrupted save (although I am still annoyed) hopefully a fix will be arriving soon for the various issues on the 360 version of the game.

So I needed something else to start & back to PS+

Remember Me & Metal Gear Rising were this months offering & both look interesting enough to play so I started with Remember Me.

You control Nilin who is having her memory wiped by the Memorize corporation, she manages to escape & with the help of her friend Edge your story begins to bring down Memorize.

I love the graphical Deus-Ex style futuristic look of neo-Paris but was surprised when I got into combat to discover it is a brawler type game. This is not a bad thing but the combat could be more refined to offer a Batman Arkham style experience.

I've completed the first two chapters which also involved an enjoyable memory remix section which is similar to the current Batman Arkham Origins detective sequences but more involved. I also love the music in the game with it's electronic touches.

This is one of those rare type of middle tier games like Enslaved that would be released in the hope they would become successful but alas the sales figures come under 250K which I assume is not enough to warrant Capcom investing further. I will however be investing more time to continue playing.

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