Gears of War Judgement - Stats

It's like a really long action movie, awesome special effect sequence followed by five minutes of dialogue then cue another action sequence.

The game has stats & truth be told I'm very rarely on the first screen because in movies you only have one action hero (avengers assemble & expendables excluded). Abbas is the action hero charging in to take on the horde head on,  I tend to take a more thought out approach carefully looking at the enemies & taking out the one that is the stronger or causing the most problems like a sniper or tickers.

There have been occasions where the game does not let me take my approach & I have to tie on a bandanna & shout "For SPARTA !!" On those rare few occasions I actually do quite well on the kill count if you exclude the amount of times I need reviving.

So this is an opportunity for me to gloat seeing my name appear on every category of the stat screen.

Even a side hero has a bit part in a movie where he gets to shine & show his true skill. So I take a bow & move on.

Anyhow I've run out of popcorn so when is this movie going to end.

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