Walking Dead 400 Days - Completed

I thoroughly enjoyed the Walking Dead Season 1 (So much so that it went into my Top32), 400 days gives you 5 short stories, you can play in any order. I started with Vince who after committing a murder is on his way to prison when the outbreak occurs. You have to make a choice on which prisoner you want to sacrifice so you can escape. 

Next I went for Bonnie who is a recovering drug addict, she is chased through a cornfield & ends up killing one of the people who has helped her. Next I chose Wyatt’s story, he & his friend Eddie are being chased by someone when they hit someone, they stop to investigate but Wyatt has to leave Eddie behind because the mad man who was chasing them has caught up. 

Russell’s story starts with him walking the side of the road & is picked up by Nate, they arrive at a truck stop & are shot by the inhabitant. You then work your way around & have the choice to kill the shooter or not? The last story is that of Shel & her sister Becca who are in a group that live in the Truck stop from Russell’s story. You are forced to make a couple of deciding decisions on the fate of two people. 

The story then breaks to Tavia who is out on the road looking for survivors, it is her who is looking at the notice board at the start of the game. She follows some nearby smoke to a campsite where all of the previous characters are stationed. Following conversations some decide to leave with her & some don’t.

Firstly disappointed that the ending of season 1 where Clementine is looking at a field and notices some people (walkers) does not get mentioned, maybe that will link somehow to the people who stayed behind at the camp?

400 days is very short easily finished in an hour but I’m hungry for more so come on Season 2 !!

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