Forza Horizon - Completed

Cutting back on watching TV shows & restricting movies to only once a week has given me more time to play games which is good because I am enjoying my gaming at the moment. Forza Horizon has been really good fun, I have completed all the ribbon events & beaten Darius Flynt with my Nissan R32. I did think about taking the Bugati but the R32 has won me so many races it was only fair that I chose this car. A very long last race taking you all around the map & through the traffic across different terrains. In the end I beat Darius quite comfortably thanks to the R32 top speed & acceleration.

Having received 7,000,000 credits from winning the race, I then went car shopping & purchased some more cars including the Mclaren F1 & Koenigsegg. I'll be keeping the game for a while to enjoy the UGVM multi-player sessions.

Now to decide what to play next I think I will go play my new toy the Vita & thanks to PS+ I have Uncharted Golden Abyss to enjoy. Last minute change of heart & I have started to play Red Dead Redemption instead.


  1. Isn't this just a re-release of Forza 4?

  2. Again not sure I have not played Forza 4 but from my understanding there are quite big differences between Forza 4 & Horizon. Forza 4 is more GT like & Horizon is more like a Need for Speed/Burnout type game.

    Enjoyed the single player really good.