New Game - Ticket To Ride

I have two games on my iPhone that have been sat gathering dust till I can find the time to learn how to play them. Bang & Ticket to Ride.

Abbas has already played quite a few games  so we sat down for him to teach me the ropes.

The result of the first game was me winning :)

You start the game with the choice of selecting up to 3 tickets. These tickets are a train journey from one city to another. When you stat the game you have various coloured tracks & you need to have the correct number of he coloured cards to match the track you want to lay down. thus if you want to lay a red track of four, you will need four red cards but there is a special rainbow coloured card which can be any colour of your choice so you could place the track with only 3 red & the rainbow card.

You then carry on playing the game collecting cards you need to lay the tracks. Throughout the game your goal is always to complete the tickets you started the game with but you can during the game select more tickets but be warn any tickets you fail to complete will be taken off your final score.

Another enjoyable turn based game & I'm disappointed that I did not load it up sooner to play.

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