New Game - Matching with Friends

What !! not yet another turn based game !!

Yes this time Matching with Friends by Zynga.

A simple game in that you have to match up the coloured tiles to get points (minimum of 3 tiles required to score)

You have x2 & x3 tiles on the board which you can use to boost your score & also you can double your points by matching tiles on your colour (see the blue square under my name in the first screenshot) when I get any matches with the colour blue the score will double.

Also star tiles will match any colour you can place on them, I managed to score 980 points against Becky in our current game.

Yet I am still to win a game losing even to my son who managed to score 1160 in a single turn to beat me.

The free version of the game lets you play with the odd advert or you can pay £1.99 for the ad-free version (I'll wait till the inevitable 69p sale to purchase)

What else? Oh yes coins, you earn coins by completing a game which you can then use to purchase explosion powerups which will destroy tiles on the board or you can use the coins to swap out one of the tiles you have been drawn to play.

It's instantly playable & easy to pick up but will it be a keeper like Words with Friends, Disc Drivin, Hero Academy & Carcassonne? Only time will tell.

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