Fallout New Vegas - Honest Hearts

I've just finished Dead Money so why wait straight into the next DLC for Fallout New Vegas. Honest Hearts starts off with you escorting a caravan to Zion in Utah. you are only allowed to carry with you a certain weight limit & no companions.

Upon arrival in Zion you are ambushed by a tribal gang called the White Legs. After killing them I looted various weapons & items I needed before checking my map to find a nice big world map. Lots of exploring to do & locations to find.

The scenery is set like the Zion National Park in Utah http://www.nps.gov/zion/index.htm lots of big cliffs & ridges & flowing streams.

You are given a companion Follows-Chalk straight away after you have taken care of the White Legs attack, very useful for helping you carry the extra loot.

I like that this DLC let's you use the fast travel on the map markers & sleep at any beds you find unlike Dead Money.  

Your companion leads you to Joshua Graham who seems to play a big role in this DLC. You learn a bit about him from the caravan merchant at the start of the DLC. He sends you on a fetch & retrieval quest which gives you a perfect opportunity to explore the area & also run into some Giant Geckos !!

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