Gears of War 3 - Beast Mode

UGVM PMG time with Jochta, Cooltag & Anders.

Beast mode is where you get to control a creature from the locust horde and have to kill the humans. Similar to horde mode but with some slight changes. The most challenging is the time limit, you start off with 1 minute & get given a few seconds extra for every kill you get. If your character dies you go back to the spawn point & have to make your way back to the action. We failed due to the time running out on quite a few occasions especially on wave 5 to 7 but then it clicked if you choose the correct creatures it makes this mode very easy we went for the centipedes & berserkers. The berserkers destroying the obstacles & the centipedes attacking the humans made us romp through the remaining waves with ease.

It’s an interesting mode which I would like to revisit again to see what other options there are to alter the gameplay.

We then moved onto the classic Horde mode and quickly went through the waves up to wave 20 & then we came a cropper. Being confronted with a boss fight and lots of foot soldiers with other creatures made this wave very difficult to complete even on normal difficulty. So after quite a few attempts we gave up, maybe with an extra player next week we might manage it?

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