Fifa 11 Ultimate Team - Contracts 67

In ultimate team all players need a contract to play matches, you can either purchase contracts from trading or buy a pack of cards from the store. A bronze pack costing 400 coins will usually give you 3 or 4 contracts to use.

You also need to keep hold on injury healing cards very valuable when your star striker gets injured. My RM (right midfielder) was recently injured & I did not have a healing card so I went looking for a bronze 442 RM player. I only buy players that have a pace of 70+ & are at least 60+ in their respective skill so for the midfielder he needed to have a 60+ in passing.

I found Lee Croft who was English (this was good for my team chemistry) had a pace of 72, formation was 442 & had a passing skill of 62 but he was listed for 1400 coins. Very expensive for a bronze player I thought even if Abbas was saying buy him.

I then went back to my squad and put my french RM on the pitch for the next match instead. After winning the Amateur Cup I returned back to the trading section to continue my search for an English 442 RM again Lee Croft came up in the search for 1400 coins. Abbas again said "Buy him ! you need him, does not matter if he is expensive" and he then followed up by saying "fine, let me sign into my team so I can buy him". I checked the rest of his information, fitness, morale etc & then came to contract which had the value of 67 !!

67 !! the boys screamed, most players on the trading section either have 7 matches or 0 matches on the contract field but 67 !! Without hesitating I clicked buy it now for 1400 coins, easily the bargain of the century.

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