Skyrim Diary - Entry 6 - The Gildergreen, High Hrothgar & Greybeards

Dear Diary

The pilgrims name was Maurice, he was not much of a warrior more a simpleton but that was fine because I did not anticipate we would run into any problems.

Upon arriving at the Sanctuary, I could hear the distance roar of another dragon roaming the skies. We walked inside & were met by some other pilgrims who said to not use the blade on the tree because it would destroy it. Some roots were blocking our path so I used the blade on them to move them out of the way. Arriving at the tree, Maurice then asked me to not use the blade & that he would pray to the tree instead. Strangely enough that worked & a sapling appeared in front of me. Maurice then decided he would stay at the sanctuary & I should take the sapling back to Whiterun.

I dropped off the sapling to Danica at the temple who agreed to train me in restoration spells if needed. I then went back to the blacksmith to train up my skills until night fell. I was very close to learning how to build Dragon Armour that I woke up the next day & went straight to the blacksmith. After a few hours I had learnt the skill of how to build dragon armour, I went back home to collect the dragon bones & scales I had collected.

I could build light or heavy armour, light giving my the advantage to attack silently & weighing less obviously vs heavy which would protect me more. I went for the light armour & passed all of my currently equipped heavy armour over to Lydia to use.

It was time to pay a visit to the greybeards in High Hrothgar, I needed to find out more about the dragons & me I suppose, what was a dragonborn?

I needed to get to a town called Ivarstead which lies at the foot of the mountain, it's a small little town which only has a farm & an inn. There is also a haunted barrow (according to the innkeeper), I'll investigate that another day & a beggar called Narfi has lost his mind because his sister is lost (I've agreed to help him).

7000 steps !! till I get to High Hrothgar, along the way I met a few pilgrims & some wild creatures including snow trolls on the way up. High Hrothgar looks like an old castle perched on top of a mountain, lovely views I imagine when the snow has settled. I walked in to be met by Master Arngeir (yes he had a grey beard) who explained that the greybeards would train me in the "way of the voice". He explained I was born with the ability to use my voice like the dragons, I suppose that's why I'm called the "dragonborn" or "dovahkiin" in dragon language. The dragons have returned because of me (great, thanks so Sven died because of me) & I should learn the voice to fulfil my destiny (surprise, surprise he did not know what that was).

I was taught two more words by the greybeards, my unrelenting force skill has now improved & is more powerful & I have also learnt a sprint move which lets me move fast, really fast. After the training, Master Arngeir has given me a final test to retrieve the horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

I had to journey to his tomb in Ustengrav, which was surrounded by bandits who were easily dealt with, Ustengrav is full of various traps from spikes to poisoned arrows, making my way to his tomb I came across a  new shout "Become Ethereal" & finally after checking behind every waterfall I came across I manage to find a secret room defended of course by draugr's. I had to use my whirlwind sprint shout to unlock three gates that were activated by stones which led me into a room with a fire trap whenever I walked the ground, I just decided to run through this section & healed myself at the end only to be met by some spiders.

I reached the throne room only to find a note left in place of the horn which wanted me to spend the night at the Riverwood Inn?

Everyone seemed to be going about their business at Riverwood, like they had forgotten Sven had died only a few days ago? I suppose they all just wanted to get on with their life & move on. I went to the Inn and spoke to Delphine about hiring a room for the night.

It was not a comfortable bed & I missed Breezehome, I was awoken in the middle of the night by Delphine who explained she was the one who placed the note at the Tomb & gave me the horn. She needed the help of the Dragonborn to stop the dragons coming back to life & wanted me to go with her to a dragon burial site which she was convinced the next dragon would be bought back to life. I told her I would meet her there after I have returned the horn to the greybeards.

Back at High Hrothgar I gave the horn back to Master Arngeir & was taught the last word of Unrelenting Force, using this shout is now very powerful but it takes a while to recharge if I use the full shout of Fus Ro Dah.

It has been a long day but I can't leave Delphine waiting so I am off to the dragon burial site in Kynesgrove

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