Skyrim Diary - Entry 14 - Thalmor Embassy

Dear Diary,

I was in awe of Solitude, this huge city of stone towering into the skyline with it's many inhabitants busily walking around doing their business.

I saw a crowd and wandered over to see an execution taking place of a guard who had let in Ulfric. The guards name was Roggvir and his last speech was to claim his innocence and that the king was challenged with nordic tradition by Ulfric. I wanted to wander around this city to see it's many sights but I could not get distracted & walked over to the Winking Skeever and met up with Malborn who explained he works in the embassy and would help me smuggle in some items, so I handed over a dagger & some lockpicks.

Delphine was waiting for me by the stables and gave me some party clothes to wear instead of my armour. She then took the rest of my belongings and I climbed a carriage to take me to the embassy. Getting off the carriage I handed my invitation over to the guard and walked into the embassy.

I was met by Elenwen the ambassador and after a brief conversation went to the bar to speak to Malborn, he needed a distraction before we could slip away. Next to the bar a merchant was complaining that the barman would not serve him any drinks, so I purchased a bottle of mead from Malborn and gave it to the merchant. He was very grateful & agreed to cause a distraction, when everyone got his attention I walked behind the bar & Malborn unlocked the door into the Kitchen. He gave me the items I had given him earlier & asked me to be quick.

Delphine had asked me to search the embassy to see if I could find any information relating to the dragons, she was convinced that the Thalmor were involved. I equipped my dagger & sneaked into the first room to see two guards talking, one guard then walked off & the other stood by a bookshelf. I crouched over, killed him & hid his body. I then waited for the other guard to return & silently killed him before going upstairs to be met by a wizard. My stealth technique did not work and the wizard spotted me, so I equipped the armour & weapons I had looted from the guards, charged in and killed the wizard. I searched the rooms but found no information only some gems & gold to loot, a door led outside into a courtyard.

There were a few guards walking around & a wizard guarding the door to another building. I summoned a flame atronach to distract them & ran into the building. Inside was a guard who was startled to see me, I quickly killed him & ran into a side room where I found a dragon report & two dossiers on Ulfric & Delphine. A door led to an interrogation chamber where I killed some guards and found another dossier on Esbern. At this point two guards entered the room with Malborn and called for me to give myself up or they would kill Malborn. I decided at this point stealth was not an option so I equipped a sword and shield to attack the guards.

One of the guards had a key to open the door out of the chambers and into an underground tunnel, we followed this tunnel outside. Malborn was upset that he was stupid enough to go with Delphine's plan & that now he would be wanted by the Thalmor. I offered to help but he just stormed off cursing me & Delphine.

I only glanced over the documents I had collected earlier & now reading them carefully I learnt that the Thalmor were still actively looking for Delphine, they are trying to control Ulfric actions and possibly are using him as a pawn in their own plans. With the dragons they have no information on how or why they are returning but they are seeking another blade called Esbern who is an expert in dragon lore & think he may be hiding in Riften.

I walked back to Solitude & got on the carriage back to Whiterun Stables, my horse was ready waiting & we rode off to Riverwood.

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