Dead Island - Level Jumping with Challenges

Whilst playing on Monday my character jumped from level 9 to level 11. We had gone in search of some food tins to complete a quest & Gus had just activated his rage ability. He was shooting down zombies with his pea shooter whilst I was trying to whack with my baseball bat.

Then up popped the message that my character has levelled up, going to the abilities screen it said I had two points to use? Why? I queried this to the others? Is it a glitch? But they were too interested in splatting zombies to help me figure out what had just happened.

What had actually happened was I had completed a challenge and gain a load of XP points that made my character jump 2 levels. Like Borderlands you have various challenges in the game from driving around to killing zombies in a particular style and when completed you gain XP.

I used my points to upgrade my attack abilities by causing more damage & having my weapons last longer.

You can pick up so many weapons in the game that there is really no point in spending your money upgrading your favourite weapon because it will not be too long before you find something better. I now only spend my money on repairing weapons.

We completed quite a few quests but sometimes the quest line on the map did not appear so you will need to set yourself a custom marker to the location.

Dead Island always gets compared to Borderlands & if I am brutally honest it does not even come close to the enjoyment of Borderlands for me but & this is a big BUT it is still an enjoyable online experience with friends & you will have some laughs along the way.

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