Words with Friends - Changes

Version 4.10.1 updated the app to include a store

• Tile Pile shows you how many of each letter is left!
• Word-O-Meter tells you how strong your word is relative to all words your rack can create! 

Yes you read that correct after newtoy were bought out by Zynga it was only a matter of time that the app would get monetized & it took them a while but you can now buy credits to cheat in the game.

What a shame !! What a way to ruin a great game.
I hope the app gets updated so the opposing player knows that you used one of these skills against them.

Anyhow I will still keep the app because there are a few regular players I play who I trust to not buy into Zynga's money cow & cheat in the game.

But I must also welcome back Wordfued which has a nice shuffle board feature to vary the tiles on the board or you can play a standard board.


My username on both games is gospvg, so send me an invite if you want a game (Although I seem to spending a lot of time in Skyrim at the moment)

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  1. I certainly not buying the cheats. I wouldn't mind if they made them an optional extra when you start a game, but it's a bit tough if you don't know whether the other person is using them.