Skyrim Diary - Entry 1 - The Dragonborn

Dear Diary

Sorry I have not posted in a while the last few days have been very eventful.

The imperials mistook me for a stormcloak rebel & carted me off to Helgen. They also captured the leader of the rebels Ulfric Stormcloak. I thought they would end up just putting us in jail but they wanted to make an example out of us & sentenced us all to death by be-heading.

With my head on the chopping block, I was starting to think my life of adventure would end before it even started but luckily I was saved because a Dragon attacked the town & in all the commotion that followed I managed to escape with Ralof (Stormcloak Rebel) to the town of Riverwood.

A Dragon !! How I got out of Helgen alive I never know, what a fierce terryfying creature.

Ralof asked me to join the rebels but I have not yet decided where I stand on the civil war although I am a bit pissed off that the imperials wanted to behead me.

I managed to do a few jobs in Riverwood to get myself equipped with some armour & a weapon. Also helped out a local lad Sven get his girl & he is now happy to follow me on my adventures. It's useful having Sven along because he can help carry more loot to sell.

After helping the Riverwood Traders get a treasure back from some Bandits I decided it was time to move on to the town of Whiterun where after speaking to the Jarl Barlgruuf I was asked to go with his housecarl Irileth to investigate the sighting of a dragon near the western watchtower.

When we got to the tower it was destroyed & under attack by a dragon, I don't know what came over me but I went charging in with my sword & attacked the beast. After taking a few knocks I managed to slay the dragon. What followed was really odd in that I could see the soul of the dragon rise & then get sucked into my body. It felt really strange but I don't know why I actually enjoyed it.

The soldiers are all calling me "Dragonborn" !?

I have no idea what they are on about either but I would lie if I said I am not loving my new found fame and attention :)

Reporting back to the Jarl he explained that a Dragonborn is that who is born with the soul of a dragon & that I should go visit the Greybeards in High Hrothgar (Yes I am also wondering if they do actually have greybeards?). Imagine that !! Me ! Valdarr just an ordinary Nord is the Dragonborn !!

I've not been to High Hrothgar yet but I have been spending a lot of time in Whiterun doing various jobs & quests.

I also said goodbye to Sven & let him go back to Riverwood because when I defeated the dragon Jarl gave me a housecarl. Her name is Lydia, she is a good fighter but a bit miserable at times & hates carrying my loot "I am sworn to carry your burdens" she moans all the time.

I also purchased a house in Whiterun called "Breezehome", it is nice to have a house to store items I have collected. You will be glad to know that I am continuing my hobby of collecting books, I have over 60 now. The house is next to a blacksmith & they have kindly let me use their forge to hone my smithing skill.

What else can I tell you? I have made brief visits to other towns like Riften, Windhelm & Winterhold to complete quests. I've also learnt my first dragon shout "Unrelenting Force" I say "Fus" and this power comes out & pushes enemies out of my path. I'm also trying to learn archery & improve my magic skills, these might take a while because you know I'm more of a sword & shield person. I purchased a horse from the local stables so I can venture out further from town if needed.

I have to go now the blacksmith is about to open next door & I need to improve my smithing skill so I can learn how to make Dragon Armour.

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