Assault Heroes - Co-op Carnage Completed

After completing Turtles in Time Re-Shelled last weekend with Monster it was time to continue the playing of the XBLA purchases with Assault Heroes.

This is a twin stick shooter in which you use the left stick to control the vehicle & the right stick to control the directions of your weapon. You have three weapon types Minigun, Cannon & Flamethrower. All of these weapons can be upgraded to increase damage & rate of fire by collecting the pick-ups.

You have unlimited ammo in the game so you can blast away to your hearts content. I found the flamethrower cause more damage but it's range is very short so you have to get in very close to attack your enemies. The minigun has a very fast rate of fire but has the weakest attack & the cannon lets you sit back and fire over long distances but has a very slow fire rate.

Damage to your vehicle heals over time & if your vehicle does get destroyed you have to control your soldier on foot whilst your vehicle re-spawns. You also have grenades & nukes which you can use to destroy enemies but I tend to save these for the boss fights. You can easily complete the game in a couple of hours but ramp up the difficulty if you fancy a challenge.

Next weekend? Gatling Gears

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