Batman Arkham City - Old Man

RSI? Repetitive Strain Injury. This is the feeling of sharp pain on your wrist or in my case it tends to be a pain that starts from my fingers and shoots up my arm. What caused this for me? A combination of work & sports.

Anyhow I have to live with it, in gaming there are two choices I make to ensure I don't feel any pain whilst gaming.

Firstly I always turn off vibration on any console or controller I am playing and secondly I always avoid buying any game that requires the rapid movement of the controller face buttons (not triggers). Example any fighting game like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

In Batman Arkham City there have been a few occasions in the game so far where you have to fight a high number of enemies. This then has you going on a marathon X, X, X, Y, B, X, X, X, X, X, Y and so on ...

I have managed to complete most of the encounters but there have been two occurrences so far where I have had no choice but to put the controller down. One of these was a Boss Fight :(

I am playing the game on normal difficulty so I can unlock new game plus. I dread to think what the game would be like on hard.

I never had any difficulty with Arkham Asylum, I don't recall any fights where you had a high number & variation of enemies.

I attempted again the two encounters with a slower button pressing technique but alas the sheer number & difficulty of the enemies had my wrist and arm in agony & causing me to fail again.

Abbas could see I was in pain & said Dad give me the controller, like a frail old man I had no choice and had to accept his offer of help. I felt annoyed at myself for not being able to complete these sections & anger at Rocksteady for creating these encounters which for me are ruining the game experience but I am proud of my son for coming to help his old man.


  1. Ouch. Have you been to the doctor for advice on ways to cope with the RSI?

  2. Yes I have seen many doctors & consultants, I don't want an operation so I just have to manage it.