Torchlight - Completed

After completing the single player campaign of Splinter Cell Conviction (I still have to return to playing the co-op missions) I decided to take a look at the many XBLA games I have not played & Torchlight stood out. If you have ever played any of the Diablo games you know what I mean my the term ‘dungeon crawler’ but for those of you that don’t, a ‘dungeon crawler’ is a type of game which is set in various random dungeons or levels & is filled with enemies & loot. Once you have crawled the dungeon or level you can either return to sell your loot or advance further.

Torchlight gives you various quests & scrolls/maps to disguise the simple gameplay it offers. It was not a game I truly enjoyed playing but I still continued to plod along through the levels completing various quests for killing a particular enemy or collecting a rare gem. Along your grind you are accompanied by a pet who can perform many functions including returning to town to sell your loot. You can during the game specialise your character in a particular skill be it melee, magic or long range attack. I decided to equip my character with a single handed sword for close combat & gun for long range attacks.

The main quest is your usual evil being trying to be resurrected to take over the world. Surprisingly he was dealt with swiftly with my sword & gun combo attack.  The game offers you nothing new & if I am brutally honest I should stop buying XBLA games when they are on sale because Torchlight is the type of game that I have already forgotten about, it leaves no lasting impression.

Conscience of the upcoming release of Batman Arkham City I decided to delete my 1 hour save of Deus Ex Human Revolution (I will either rush play the game or I will not finish it before Batman is released) I instead decided to return to playing a ‘classic shooter’ in Battlefield Bad Company 2.

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