Sword & Poker 2 - Tried & Tested Formula

Abbas Wins ( I let him)
I decided to play this game on the iPad instead of my ipod touch because even with 2x magnification on the iPad it is very playable.

Sword & Poker 2 has kept to the tried & tested formula with the original game with only a few slight changes. The main story mode now has a world map so you can visit different dungeons. The story so far is that you have returned home after the the first adventure to find out the Apocalypse rod has been disturbed and monsters are roaming the land. You set out to recapture the rod at the top of Heaven's Tower but the door to the tower is locked & you need to collect 4 keys from various dungeons to unlock the door.

I have completed the first dungeon Mystic Forest which is made up of 5 floors, this is a nice easy dungeon which introduces you to the basics of the game. From equipping weapons to shopping & using spells.

The money you earn from each fight & by completing each floor you can use to spend at the shop to increase your health by purchasing bags? (bags? - I don't know why ?) & more importantly weapons & I assume later shields (although I cannot purchase them yet) .

Once you have completed a floor you can then advance to the next floor or are given the option to replay a completed floor, the only advantage to replay a floor is to open a chest you may have missed or obviously grinding for more money.

At the end of a dungeon you are treated to a Boss Fight, there is a slight change to the first game in that these end of dungeon bosses also seem to come equipped with a special power, just to make that last fight a little bit more challenging.

One new addition to the game is a local multi-player mode where both players have the same health & equipment only the magic spells assigned are random. The screen-shot shows me letting Abbas win :)

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