Guardian Saga - Completed

The Kingdom is over-run with evil creatures & the great dragons are quiet. It it a time for a HERO to save the land. You step up to take the challenge, sword & shield in hand.

Go forth and fight to save the land !!

An old school classic RPG think NES or Master System 8-bit style & you have a very good idea of what to expect.

You enter the Tower of Balance to be given a quest to fight the 4 great dragons to retrieve the crystals needed to restore balance to the world. Fighting enemies rewards you with experience points to level up & gold so you can purchase equipment from the various towns.

After you have collected the 4 crystals you must fight the evil dragon to restore the power of the crystals.Only now can you rest, safe in the knowledge that you returned peace to the land.

It is done, a nice nostalgic trip down memory lane.
Reminded me of classic turn based rpg's like Miracle Warriors & Phantasy Star.

If you only have a handful of games it gets easier to choose what to play next but with over 700 apps on my itunes, that choice gets a bit more difficult.

Back in May I completed Sword & Poker & obviously enjoyed it "one of the best gaming experiences on the iPod Touch". Now seems like a good time to visit the sequel, Sword & Poker 2.

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