UGVM vs BETEO - Final Round - Result

6th round – THE FINAL !! The best UGVM player vs The best BETEO player. After having played 6 games to get this far you have 1 more game to play. The winner takes with him the Player Championship but who will win the Team Championship with 5 points up for grabs to the winning team !!

UGVM have already won the Team Championship for the Player Championship in the blue corner from BETEO we have AlarmBee vs in the red corner from the newly crowned team champions UGVM we have Jochta

I want a nice clean fight, DING, DING !!

Result - A great win by AlarmBee winning 480 points to Jochta 397

The final team scores are

UGVM - 20 Points
BETEO - 15 Points

AlarmBee (Philip) wins the Player Championship

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