Wordfeud - New Highest Score

New highest score on Wordfeud, 720 points :)

Fancy a game send me an invite my username is gospvg


  1. My husband and I played a game a while back, in which he played a single word for 611 points! The end result of our game he had 978 points I had like 450, that has got to be one of the highest scoring games ever. He was thrilled yet he made it his goal to make it to 1000 points lol. How stingy is that? I even took pics...

  2. I assume that was on a random board?
    The game keeps crashing on me on my ipod touch so I have had to delete it & stick with Words with Friends instead.

  3. @Jlee541 I have just reinstalled the game if you want a game my username is gospvg