Tuesday A to Z - O

Out Run (Arcade)
Surely everyone has played a version of Out Run? It is the letter O for the A to Z of basic gaming?
Red Ferrari, California roads, 80’s music, roof down & the wind blowing in your hair. Sorry you were too slow to make the next checkpoint insert 10p to continue

Operation Wolf (Atari ST)
The Trojan Phazer, it just sounds awesome. This was the light gun that transformed Operation Wolf into a full on action packed shooter…Ok I lie it didn’t but it was still cool to be able to play a lightgun shooter on the ST.

Omega Boost (PS1)
Mechs, MEchs, MEChs, MECHs, MECHS !!
Hang on have I not used that starting line before?
Anyhow this was a Mech flying shooting game, lock on your targets & fire your rockets. Very well made 3D Shoot em up by PolyPhony Digital of Gran Turismo fame.

Operative: No One lives forever (PC)
Set in the 1960’s you play Cate Archer a British spy and have to find out why your organisation UNITY operatives are being killed, it an enjoyable FPS shooter with some nice set pieces including jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute.

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