UGVM vs BETEO - 3nd Round Results

3nd Round Results (total includes previous round results)

UGVM - 16 Points
BETEO - 8 Points

thermalsatsuma (385) vs Curiosity (337) - UGVM Win
Coope1999 (324) vs alanjoans (378) - BETEO Win
flis_iom (266) vs jochta (466) - UGVM Win
Gilly Mc (178) vs SozzlyJoe (196) - BETEO Win because SozzlyJoe app has crashed.
AlarmBee (377) vs Xexyz (403) - UGVM Win

HarpingOn (240) vs DBSnappa (264) - UGVM Win because DBSnappa resigned

Finally we finish Round 3 after nearly 3 months !!
In the interest of finishing the tournament I will confirm with all the players that they are still happy to take part in the tournament.

UGVM players through to the next round are themalsatsuma, jochta, HarpingOn & Xexyz
BETEO players through to the next round are AlarmBee, Gilly Mc, Curiosity & alanjoans

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