Tuesday A to Z - I

Ikari Warriors (Aracde)
I blame Rambo, everyone wanted to be John Rambo. Wearing my bandanna with friends, we would visit the local pizza parlour (they had a nice selection of arcade games) & play Ikari Warriors. Tanks - again Tanks, maybe this is where my love for Tanks started?

International Track & Field (PS1)
Button bashing to the extreme, this game probably sold more PS1 controllers than any other. But get yourself a Multi-tap & a roomful of friends & it gave you an evening of fun-filled laughter.

International Superstar Soccer (SNES)
I can't quite remember how but I somehow agreed with my younger brother that in the summer of 95 I would buy him this game. £69.99 !! Who complains game are expensive now? !! Take them back to 1995
However we did get our money's worth spending the rest of the summer taking turns playing as England.

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