Tuesday A to Z - F

Front Mission Series (PS1, PS2, DS & 360)

The Magic Box (great website for jap gaming news) introduced me to this series, it’s a strategy rpg with mechs or wanzers as they are called in the game.

Front Mission 2 (PS1) was a JAP only release but the in game options were all in English. Thus I printed a translation guide for the story & promptly imported the game from Tronix. I loved the customisation you could do with your mechs, everything from body parts to shields & weapons. You could have up to a maximum of 12 mechs in your party & I would have 3 Missile Launchers, 3 Machine Guns, 3 Melees & 3 All-rounders (who would carry extra ammo & repair kits), this strategy worked well in that my missile launchers would take out the legs of the enemy mechs & the gun equipped or melee equipped mechs would go in to finish them off. Even though it was in JAP & I thoroughly enjoyed Front Mission 2, I am still hopeful that at some point it will get a re-release on a current gen console.

Front Mission Alternative (PS1) because of my love for Front Mission 2 I also imported this JAP only release via Tronix but alas it did not have the strategy turn based gameplay I craved but instead an action based shooter which had you controlling platoons of mechs. I never did find a translation guide for this & thus my experienced of the game was short lived.

Front Mission 3 (PS1) I was gob-smacked when I found out that this was getting a US & Europe release. I was an impatient gamer & promptly imported it from the US on release. The gameplay was very similar to Front Mission 2 except the limit on the number of wanzers you could have in your squad was reduced to 8. To finally play an English version of a Front Mission game, easily the highlight of my gaming year 2000. Only this morning I downloaded the game (PSN) to play on the PS3, time to go back and visit some mech-based strategy.

Unfortunately the above games are all that I have played in the Front Mission series mainly because Square have not released any of the other strategy rpg games outside of Japanese shores. However hopefully soon I will have a US version of Front Mission 4 (PS2) & I also have Front Mission Evolved (360) which did get a European release but is an action game like Front Mission Alternative.

Fable 2 - I neglected the Fable games because I convinced myself they were not for me, oh how wrong I was when I played this game. It's an enjoyable action rpg with a sense of humour, great voices used for the characters including Stephen Fry. Looking forward to playing Fable 3.

Final Fantasy Series - The SNES & Super Play introduced me to imported RPGs. Final Fantasy 3 (FF6) was the start of the love for this action adventure turn-based epic with possibly FF7 being the pinnacle for me, The latest FF13 had me turning the game off in disgust my patience for grinding has run out.

Fallout 3 - This would be the game I would take with me if I was marooned on a desert island. I have not played Fallout 1 or 2 but Fallout 3 grabbed my attention when released on the 360. I love the looting, the quests, the levelling up, the vats targeting system, the music …… I could go on forever.

Final Fight - Arcade - Simply Haggar is the best scrolling beat em character EVAR !!

Faselei - The only reason I purchased the Neo Geo Pocket - Possibly the best game on the system. A turn-based strategy RPG, yes if you have not gathered by now I do love my turn based RPGs.

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