Sorcerer of Fortune - Completed

After finishing Azkend I went straight onto another match ’em  type game Sorcerer of Fortune. In this game you play the role of a sorcerer who must defeat various foes on his way to defeating the Meteor Dragon. You start off with nothing & must fight a few easy enemies to get some money to visit the shop. You can then purchase weapons, armour, helmet & an accessory to increase your magic stats.

There are 8 orbs in the game from your usual fire, ice, wind to heal & poison. Your stats on each of these 8 orbs will decide how much damage you can deal to the enemy. I initially started off just concentrating on increasing my fire stats which helped get pass the initial batch of enemies but you soon realise that some of the battlefields are tailored to specific orbs so you need to re-equip your sorcerer with the best equipment for the battlefield & the opponent you are fighting.

There are approx. 40 levels of gameplay & you can replay the game with different characters. The gameplay is very enjoyable & it is a shame it has little or no storyline to take you through the stages. I think I may have gotten it for free but even for the current price of 59p it offers quite a few hours enjoyable gameplay.

Now onto my next iPod touch game Sword & Poker, another match ‘em game with a poker twist.

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