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It’s not FREE (or 59p) it’s £2.39 which in terms of iOS games is the equivalent of buying a Limited Edition console game. It has the one ingredient that most games don’t it is ADDICTIVE !!

Manage your own game company. Hire your employees, train them to develop better skills in programming, writing, graphics or sound. Take out contract work to develop tools of complete jobs. When you are ready develop your own game, choose a machine, a genre & game type & away you go !!

‘gospvg’ was born, I hired a few employees, trained them and after a few contracts to get some cashflow decided to develop my first PC game a pirate adventure. You then have to wait for your staff to complete the process of developing the game, choosing the graphics artist & sound engineer. Iron out all the bugs. Then the dreaded reviews, have you just made a stinker or the start of a potential hit. 18/40 came the result, ok not bad time to release it the game. Then just sit back and wait for the first week sale figures. I sold 16,547 and came in 37th, a few weeks later and total sales figures came in at 58,212 a bit disappointing for a first game but I did make a slight profit.

It’s time for GameDex – the annual computer show. I decide to give it a miss I want to save my money. Back to contracts to get some quick money & time to buy a console licence to develop a game for a wider audience. It’s Pirates 2 the sequel to my mediocre selling adventure game. This time the reviews are slightly better 22/40 and first week sales figures are 41,621 with total sales coming in at 127,421. Now it’s the global game awards, my Pirates game wins nothing. When you train your staff you can unlock different genres & game types. After a few years of developing for various consoles with a few million selling games I finally unlock shooter & war.

It’s now time for a FPS game, WAR is born. I release it on the Playstation and it goes on to sell nearly 9 million copies. I have now become a sequel whorehouse alternating between MECH my robot adventure game & WAR my million selling FPS game. It did not take me long to turn into Activision : (

WAR 5 lands me the Best Game award & WAR X gives me my highest review score or 39/40
You have 20 years to manage your company at which point the game will tally up your total. You can continue further but this will not add to your final game score. I ended up making 68 games & selling 523 million games !! with MECH being my highest seller at 33 Million copies.

It is one of those games that once you pick it up & start playing you will find it very difficult to put down, after a while it does become a bit boring because once you are use to the cycle of developing & releasing a game it then becomes a bit of a chore but 20 years is just enough for this to end it on. I’m now on my 2nd play where I will be only releasing PC games and nothing else.

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