Halo Reach - completed

I purchased the game on release & we (Abbas & I) have only just completed the campaign on local co-op. No we are not that bad that it takes us 3 months to complete a 10 hour campaign but I was distracted by Fallout New Vegas & Abbas by Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

Halo Reach campaign just could not compete with the single player experience of those AAA titles (albeit FNV is buggy)


Maybe if it had been a Master Chief title, we would not have neglected it, anyhow 3 months after release we completed the campaign

It's strange playing this game because you already know how it is going to end. Let me correct that you know how it is going to end if you have played Halo.

It is also Bungie's last Halo game. They have now moved on to pastures new teaming up with Sequelvision (Sorry Activision)

Back to the game, the story then does not surprise much. You are Noble 6 a Spartan and the newest member of Noble Team.

You are on planet Reach & are sent to investigate a nearby disturbance only to discover that the covenant have arrived. From here begins the inevitable destruction of Reach along the way you will fight Grunts, Hunters, Elites, Ghosts, Wraiths & in SPACE

Yes in SPACE, easily the most memorable level in the game you are flying in space piloting a sabre & fight off covenant forces. This level instantly reminded me of two games I have played in my younger days. Starfox (SNES) & Star Wars (N64) I was just waiting for Fox & his crew to turn up to provide support.

Near the end of the game you are introduced to Cortana and must transport her to the Pillar of Autumn. Your next moments of play become somber because you realise how the story will now move onto Halo and that this will be the last Bungie produced Halo game you will play

After you have delivered Cortana to the Pillar of Autumn & they safely leave Reach.

What follows is one of the most memorable moments in video-gaming for me.

The last stand Noble 6 vs the Covenant
How long can you survive?

Eventually the inevitable will happen & you will die. Your helmet falls to the ground and Reach is being destroyed in the background. Years pass & the planet begins to live again.

Looking forward to seeing what Bungie will do next. But more importantly what Microsoft will do now with Halo?

Rumours of a Halo 10 year anniversary release next year? What will happen to Master Chief? Is it not time now for Halo 4?

Whatever happens Halo Reach was the fond farewell from Bungie & deserved to be played without interruptions from any other games. For that I can only apologise & for punishment I will go and play Halo ODST Nnnnnooooooo !!!

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