Time to Reflect

It's been a sad week with the passing of Owen, a week to sit back and reflect on who I am & what I should be?

It is a time to remember the passing of a friend & how much I value my online friends. It seemed only fitting that I should play Mirrors Edge on iOS a game Owen enjoyed.

The UGVM Words with Friends tournament I feel should still be played in his memory, it is what he would have wanted I feel. But I will respect the opinions of the fellow players if they feel we should end the tournament.

Playing video games just seems so pointless to the loss of Owen but by playing the games he enjoyed it reminds me of him. In this way I will remember him.

Now to go and read his blog for his views on Sonic 4


  1. I agree, although I am not part of the WwF tournament, the last thing he would want us to do is abandon it! It should be played, we should all play games. I am playing "Cut The Rope" which is the last game Owen bought to my attention.

    As usual his observations were spot on, the later levels with time limit stars are really frustrating!

  2. I say carry on with the tournament too.