Fallout New Vegas - Saved by a girl

The red shield is very important when attacking enemies, if it comes up it means the weapon you are using is too weak. So you either need to change to a stronger weapon or change your bullets to armour piercing. Whilst looking for a location near the Mojave outpost I came across some small radscorpions, easy I thought I crouched down & took them out with my 9mm Pistol with scope. I carried on up the hill to be confronted by a GIANT radscorpion. I then tried taking him out with my Cowboy Repeater (my most powerful weapon) but no, Red Shield came up again. I then had two choices, to lay down and let him eat me for breakfast or RUN !!!

I went for the run option so weapon holstered (it makes you run faster) I made a run for the Mojave outpost, I could hear it snapping at my heels, turning around to have a quick peek & AARGH !! it jumped at me with its claws. Abbas who was watching all this unfold jumped out of his seat. I let out a scream, turned around and ran. Seeing the NCR Trooper at the outpost, I ran to him. He got out his pistol and started shooting at the GIANT radscorpion, I turned around to have a look and the radscorpion was still coming for me. Aargh !! I’m sorry I shot the small radscorpions, please let me go !! I beg but still he shows no remorse. I run towards the barracks by now the NCR Trooper, Travelling Merchant & Mercenary are all trying to kill him for me. I run to Ghost (female sniper) because she is on top of the barracks & surely the GIANT radscorpion can’t come up the ramp? Ghost flashes past me, grabs her gun & BANG !! BANG !! 2 shots & I turn around to find the GIANT radscorpion lying motionless at the bottom of the ramp.

Breathe !! .....

Woah !! that was intense, Abbas & I turn to each other & start laughing !!

Abbas says “Dad you wimp, you were saved by a girl”

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