Carcassonne - It is all about luck

I recently lost a very close game to Owen (LINK) so I challenged him to a rematch. Bright and early on a dreary Thursday morning tiles were being place left, right and centre with blistering speed. Owen was building up his cloister army again, whilst I was carefully positing my tiles to take advantage of my two early placed farmers. Then Owen decided he wanted to invade the land with his farmers, he got the tiles needed to also join his two farmers. I however had meeples in hand to place another farmer on the land, I just need the connecting corner road tile to control the land. With only 6 tiles left to go, I got the tile I needed and a cry of No !!!! came from Owen, he realised he had now lost the land but worse was still to come, I was eyeing up his big city & taking a chance that I could get the connecting piece for my last tile I placed a meeple next to his city & to deal the final blow I got the tile needed to connect to his city to share the points. "That was painful" came the response from Owen and the scores totalled up in my favour. It's all about luck I got the two tiles I needed to take the land & invade into Owen's city. I'm now off to buy a Euromillions ticket for this Friday, you never know?


  1. I disagree, it's not all about luck at all. If it is, then you, me and Neil have been consistently damn lucky to stay at the top for so long!

    You make your own luck in this game, sure the tile can help you in a close game. But if you aren't a good player to start with, you don't stand a chance!

  2. I think you become a better player over time but the luck of which tiles you get drawn can help you win or lose a match