Left 4 Dead 2 - New Game

New Game, purchased this approx 6 months ago & only opened it yesterday to play DOH ! UGVM session with Sessile, Buskskin & Phinlee. If you have played the first then expect more of the same with only a few changes I have noticed so far, couple of different enemies like Charger (does what his name says), Spitter (spits acid) & Jockey (who is like the hunter except he tries to control your movement towards the zombies). Weapons are the same with extra melee weapons, great fun picking up the samurai sword & chopping the zombies down. I joined the session late so came in half way through the first campaign Dead Center, you have to make you way over to a mall & fuel up a stock car to evacuate. Only playing on easy I was surprised by how difficult last section of this campaign was, getting the fuel to fill the car up whilst fighting of hordes of zombies & tanks we all died twice before on the 3rd attempt Sessile managed to make it to the car and left us all to die :) I will have to go back and do this campaign again so I can get the achievement, I did however pick up a few other achievements Acid Reflux (Kill a spitter before she is able to spit) & A Ride Denied (Kill a Jockey within 2 seconds of jumping on a survivor)

After enjoying the first campaign we marched straight onto the second campaign 'Dark Carnival' you have to get through a theme park & make your way to a stage to start off a music & lights show. Hunters seem to have some serious love for Buckskin because they were not going for anyone else. I think that was probably because he was playing the role of the travel guide and telling us which way to go. Along the way you get some nice set pieces including having to walk a rollercoaster ride, I kept on going back to help Phinlee out who wanted to make sure no zombie was getting on the ride. He repaid that favour by saving me from a few Jockey's who wanted to ride me. Towards the end we lost Sessile who become infected and had to return back to RL (real life). We then went on to play Rock Band with the zombies, you can even use the guitars for Melee weapons. After a few hundred zombies and a couple of tanks the helicopter arrives to evacuate you. I found this campaign easier than the first maybe I got better at the game or just luck?

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  1. Just to partially correct you - there are new weapons e.g combat shotgun and grenade launcher among a few others.
    Also don't forget the new Scavenge and Survival modes.
    Generally speaking it's more awesome online but I prefer the night time settings of the original's campaigns.