Halo Reach - New Game

Picked up the game in the morning on the way to work,on hindsight  I should have booked the day off work because reading & listening to everyone talk about the game made me jealous. However just after 9pm kids & wife in bed asleep and time for me to finally play the game.

Checked the friends list and 13 people on-line with all but 1 playing Halo Reach, so matchmaking it is, the interface is much easier to use now, I like the friends list on which you can click to join the game they are playing. A quick game with Buckskin on Invasion & I'm showing my true skill in that I get 1 kill & 10 deaths, good start then. A few games with Skim we play as a team on a game of Headhunter Skulls, you have to shoot anyone who has a skull, collect the skull & take to the area marked on the map to score a goal. Great fun & one of my new favourite game types. I scored 5 goals.

Next time to try out firefight with Skim & Buckskin, gametype is called sniperfight. So the first thing I do is drop that weapon for a needler, the map waterfront is very good in that there are quite a few locations you can get an advantage over the incoming enemies. End result? 45 Kills & 11 deaths !! Oh yeas read those stats & see the screenshot baby !!  

Next we tried some team games like Slayer & Bomb Assault, both of which I was rubbish at, back to firefight then. There are daily/weekly challenege's (Press the Start button to view them) that if you complete award you with credits. I wanted to complete the challenge to kill 100 enemies in firefight, this awards you with 1000 credits. I need to learn how to do assassinations, there is a daily challenge which gives you 250 credits. You are awarded credits after every match you can then use these credits in the armoury to upgrade your character armour. Time for another screenshot, yes I'm boasting but when have you know me to be good at any on-line shooting/driving game?

The game obviously has a lot more than just matchmaking, forge world looks amazing & I'm looking forward to seeing what maps are made, a new variant of duck hunt would be interesting & I may even try to create a map myself. The campaign mode I hope to start this weekend until then I will be on-line every evening from 9pm so come challenge me in firefight only :)

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