Duke Nukem 3D - UGVM PMG

How on earth did I ever complete this game without tearing my hair out !! Died again back to the start, died again back to the start Aargh !!!

Shame they did not built any checkpoints into the XBLA release. However it does have co-op mode which is great fun. Especially just watching the other players trying to complete a jump. Shoot the button & jump onto the other platform when it comes ... No I missed, try again.. again...and on the 15th attempt I finally made it. Much to the enjoyment of Luffers & Toby. Next level, jump across the lava pit oh no !! It's deja vu all over again, 20 mins later we have made it across only to be met with a big boss, who kills you and you are back to the start again. Thud !! That was me banging my head on the table !! Finally Toby manages to kill the big boss whilst me & Luffers are still trying to jump the lava pit.

Quick blast of multiplayer death match first to 10 wins on Hollywood Holocaust. My respawn point is next to the RPG :) This is more a game of hide & seek with only 3 players but eventually I come out winning on top beating Toby by 1 kill.

Duke Nukem does have it's frustrations but with even a small group of 3 you can have hours of fun. Thanks Toby & James

Hail to the king baby !!

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