Chain Link Pro

Downloaded this freebie recently from the appstore, my daughter has been playing this game quite a bit. So I thought I would give it a try. A simple game in that you have to tag the same shapes & then send them to the centre warp circle.

Obviously it starts off easy with very few shapes for you to tag & complete. But a few levels in and you get quite a few different shapes and you have to make sure that when you send these to the centre circle you must not touch any other shapes along the way, you have 3 lives & you will lose 1 of these if you touch another shape. There are also power-up's you can collect for score multiplier 2x or 3x but also an hour clock to pause the time & others you can unlock throughout the game. The biggest challenge is you have a 10 second countdown timer to tag the shapes & get them to the centre circle.

After a few poor attempts I ended up with a decent high score of 88,825 to set my daughter a new target to aim for :)

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