Fallout 4 - Companions

I've put in nearly 60+ hours into the game now & barely touched the main questline, I do however have quite a few companions in Codsworth, Dogmeat, Garvey, Piper, Valentine, Strong & Danse.

I used Codsworth for a while because I liked his sense of humour, did not get on with Garvey because he was giving me too many new settlement quests & accuracy was poor with his laser rifle. Valentine is good but you can't give him any armour to equip, he will only wear his detective outfit. Strong is a Super Mutant & I've not really used him at all. Danse I hate, in fact the Brotherhood of Steel seem like real twats in this game. I've stuck with Piper for now & given her my combat rifle & old combat armour. Also she seems to be built like a Terminator who can survive explosions.

I've moved my home base & all companions to Red Rocket to limit the amount of time I spend on settlements having to deal with settler related issues. I'd rather spend my time exploring the wasteland.


Fifa 16 - Philippe Coutinho

Fifa is my default goto game if I only have a short amount of time to play, it's perfect for a quick match.

I've now completed my Liverpool team having purchased Daniel Sturridge & I am now concentrating on upgrading my Barclays Premier League team with 80+ rated players, two recent additions include Theo Walcott & Raheem Sterling. A quick video showing a lovely flick by Coutinho to go past a defender & score.


Fallout 4 - Combat

I've done quite a few quests now & have switched out my companion to use Preston Garvey. I've made a quick video to show the combat against a group of raiders,

I like the way the enemies now flank you but with a high perception & agility my accuracy on the weapon is very good so I very rarely tend to miss any shots. I always use vats to attack, I'm not playing it like a FPS game but an RPG & like decide which part of the enemy to attack. For raiders I tend to go for head & on ghouls legs to slow them down.

Settlement building & management can become a bit of chore so I've toned that part of the game down a bit to focus on exploring the wasteland & completing quests.

I will do a video shortly showing the two houses I have built in Sanctuary for the settlers & myself.


New Game - Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Taking a break from Fallout 4 and getting back to the PMG.

We tried but Little Big Planet 3 camera in multi-player is a mess & we just could not take it anymore. Time to quit & move onto the next game.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is a much more enjoyable top down twin stick shooter with puzzle elements & big bosses.

You can get various upgrades like power rings & new weapons from completing certain challenges like collecting all the red skulls or destroying all the vases.

We completed the first two stages, it was good to play & enjoy something that works for four players in co-op.

Little Big Planet 3? In the bin where else?


Carcassonne SUPER league - Season 2 - Results

Season 2 is live !!

Some basic rules for the games, only the base pack to be used no expansions packs or hardcore/kid mode to be activated.

Three matches to be played 2 x 1vs1 matches & one three player match. Points to be awarded 2 points for a win & 1 point for finishing 2nd in the three player match.

Send me the match results via Twitter, RLLMUK, UGVM or the comments section on this post.

Platinum League - Completed
Bushtopher (4 Points)
satsuma (2 Points)
and1976 (3 Points)

Bustopher to start a game and invite satsuma & and1976 (Satsuma wins 89 to And1976 86 & Bushtopher 69)
Bushtopher to start a game and invite and1976 (Bushtopher wins 101 to 75)
Bushtopher to start a game and invite Satsuma (Bushtopher wins 95 to 80)
Satsuma to start a game and invite and1976 (and1976 wins 104 to 80)

Bushtopher wins the league & Satsuma is relegated.

Gold League - Completed
Kerumba (2 points)
Lufferov (2 points)
gospvg (5 points)

Kerumba to start a game and invite lufferov & gospvg (Kerumba wins 82 to gospvg 71 & lufferov 65)
Kerumba to start a game and invite lufferov (lufferov wins 119 to 97)
Kerumba to start a game and invite gospvg (gospvg wins 91 to 79)
Lufferov to start a game and invite gospvg (gospvg wins 119 to 105)

Gospvg is promoted & Kerumba/Lufferov played a decider match in which Luffers won 108 to 89 to Kerumba is relegated.

Silver League - Completed
Altashheth (3 point)
Arkham24601 (6 points)

Altashheth to start a game and invite Arkham24601 & MakingUpNumbers (Arkham24601 wins 66 to Altashheth 59 & Makingupnumbers 43)
Altashheth to start a game and invite Arkham24601 (Arkham24601 wins 91 to 86)
Altashheth to start a game and invite MakingUpNumbers (Altashheth won the match)
Arkham24601 to start a game and invite MakingUpNumbers (Arkham24601 wins 111 to 59)

Arkham24601 is promoted & makingupnumbers relegated

Bronze League - Completed
lewismistreated (1 point)
JohnDarv (4 Points)
StatusJones (4 Points)

lewismistreated to start a game and invite JohnDarv & StatusJones (JohnDarv wins 76 to Lewis 70 & Jones 46)
lewismistreated to start a game and invite JohnDarv (JohnDarv wins 144 to 110)
lewismistreated to start a game and invite StatusJones (statusjones wins 95 to 82)
JohnDarv to start a game and invite StatusJones (StatusJones wins 107 to 89)

StatusJones won a playoff & is promoted & lewis relegated.

Copper League - Completed
Dr Watson (1 Point)
Garwoofoo (6 Points)
ph0rce (2 points)

Dr Watson to start a game and invite Garwoofoo & ph0rce (Garwoofoo 120 wins ph0rce 95 & Dr Watson 70)
Dr Watson to start a game and invite Garwoofoo (Garwoofoo wins 144 to 95)
Dr Watson to start a game and invite ph0rce (Phorce wins 108 to 91)
Garwoofoo to start a game and invite ph0rce (Garwoofoo wins 119 to 104)

Garwoofoo is promoted

Thankyou all for taking part & I will kick off season 3 in the new year.


New Game - Fallout 4

Sorry MGSV will have to wait for now, Fallout 4 feels very familiar to the previous Fallout 3 & New Vegas games which is not a bad thing because I enjoyed both of those games.

Some slight refinements in control & level upgrades with the introduction of a minecraft style settlement base building mode are the only changes I have noticed so far.

Console sharing with the boys has limited my time in wandering the wasteland, there seems to be a lack of a tutorial so I have been following the in-built help menu & various tips on youtube to figure out base building, not sure if it plays an important part in the game but I have been clearing up Sanctuary Hills & building new homes, power, defences & resource gathering food/water.

My character is level 6 at the moment & focused on perception & agility to increase the vats accuracy & ap points. I have gone for the lockpick, hacking & gun nut perks the other points I have spent on upgrading the SPECIAL stats.

Will get back to questing this weekend & head over to Concord.


UGVM Rocket League Season 2 - Results

Tuesday 3rd November 9pm


Format is 3 v 3 in a best of three format (which should take around 15 to 20 mins to play). All I need is the best of three result & not the individual matches scores. The winning team is awarded one point the team with the most points will win.

Krazy Khan Krashers - gos, abbas & mo
Claptrap Boys - cooltag, gus & bot
Keystone Cops - hakk, evildaz & harpingon

9pm Match 1
Keystone Cops vs Claptrap Boys (Keystone Cops Win)

9:20 Match 2
Krazy Khan Krashers vs Keystone Cops (Krazy Khan Krashers Win)

9:40 Match 3
Krazy Khan Krashers vs Claptrap Boys (Krazy Khan Krashers Win)

Krazy Khan Krashers are the winners again.

Next Season Tuesday 8th December 9pm


Score Hero - I hate them both !!

At the start of season 7 you have to choose another team to join and the options are Manchester United or Chelsea.


I was tempted to delete the app but I went with Chelski.

Currently on stage 155 in which you have to score 4 goals & I can't quite complete all four.


Metal Gear Solid V - It's Tough !!

Spoilers ahead so don't read if you have not yet played the game.

It's been a few weeks since I've played MGSV (because of Fifa 16) & it took me a while to remember the controls. After completing a few side ops one of which gave me a nice stun only SMG gun.

I started mission 6 in which you have to secure a weapon called honey bee? My style of play is very slow I will scan an area for a few minutes making sure everything is tagged & I destroy all comms I see & never kill an enemy. I will always either use a stun gun, put them to sleep or use melee attacks & then fulton them out.

I managed to work my way into the last fort area of the mission where I scanned at least 15+ enemies so I had to thin the numbers by getting detected to draw some out and attack. I managed to use this tactic twice before a sandstorm arrived and I seized the opportunity to charge in and take out the others. It was getting late & stupid rush of blood to the head made me get overrun with enemies & I died. All of my efforts thinning the number of soldiers wasted because the checkpoint is at the start of the area.

It's tough but fun, I'm hoping I can finish it before Fallout 4 but with only 3 weeks left there is no chance that is going to happen so I will either delay my start of Fallout 4 so I can complete MGSV or I will leave MGSV to start Fallout 4.


Ticket to Ride (iOS) - New High Score

When I have an odd five minutes I do enjoy playing a quick game of Ticket to Ride against the CPU.

I managed to set a new high score of 251 with 12 tickets completed.


Fifa 16 (PS4) - Steven Gerrard

Not had much time for gaming, the odd session of Little Big Planet 3 with the Claptrap Boys or the odd game of Fifa 16 Ultimate Team. Gerrard is much cheaper to purchase now that he is older & slower but he is still the central midfielder & captain of my team.

Need to get back to playing MGSV but I need a longer time window so I can sit down and enjoy for a couple of hours.


Five years on

Five years on...

I still think about you big guy every time I play a Batman game or watch a sci-fi movie I think Owen would have enjoyed that.

I know you loved mobile gaming so I'll be playing doodle jump today & trying to beat your high score of 32K.


Update - I tried but I only managed to get 19,370


UGVM Disc Drivin Season 6 - Good Luck

I've sent out tweets & posted on UGVM to the players in season 5 to confirm participation.


There are 4 leagues (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze) with the winning player getting promoted & the worst getting demoted to a lower league.

Points are awarded from 4 or 3 (if a 3 player league) for 1st downwards to 1 point for last.

The 4 chosen tracks are all RC Raceway, Beachcomber (Mirror), I in the Sky & Frosty Mug. If you are in a 3 player league then you only play the first 3 tracks.

The first player in the league will start the first track RC Raceway & invite player 2, 3 & 4 in order.

Then Player 2 will start the next race on Beachcomber in Mirror mode & invite player 3, 4 & then 1.

Player 3 will start I in the Sky & invite Player 4, 1 & 2 in that order.

Lastly Player 4 will start Frosty Mug & invite in order Player 1, 2 & 3.

Platinum League - Completed
Becs (10 points)
Lufferov (11 points)
Jochta (11 points)
HaggisHunter (8 points)

RC Raceway result

Beachcomber Mirror result

I in the Sky result

Frosty Mug result

Jochta & Lufferov draw at the top & HaggisHunter is relegated, If I had to choose I would say Jochta won because he won two races to Luffer's one.

Gold League - Completed
Xexyzx (5 points)
Carldjcross (12 points)
gospvg (9 points)
SomethingWitty (13 points)

RC Raceway result

Beachcomber Mirror result

I in the Sky result

Frosty Mug result

Witty is promoted & Xexyzx relegated

Silver League
GusTavToo (Y)
Hakk (Y)
asktoby (Y)
monstermohsin (Y)

GusTavToo (RC Raceway)
Invite in this order:
- Hakk
- asktoby
- monstermoshin

Hakk (Beachcomber Mirror)
Invite in this order:
- asktoby
- monstermoshin
- GusTavToo

asktoby (I in the Sky)
Invite in this order:
- monstermoshin
- GusTavToo
- Hakk

monstermoshin (Frosty Mug)
Invite in this order:
- GusTavToo
- Hakk
- asktoby

Bronze League - Completed

sessile (3 points)
thermalsatsuma (9 points)
zomoniac (6 points)

RC Raceway result

Beachcomber Mirror result

I in the Sky result

thermalsatsuma wins the league & is promoted, sessile is relegated.

Tin League - Completed
Toythatkills (7 points)
Chewbury (3 points)
MakingUpNumbers (8 points)

RC Raceway result

Beachcomber Mirror result

I in the Sky result

MakingupNumbers is promoted.


New Game - Fifa 16 (PS4)

I've not played a fifa game since 13 so it was a long overdue return to ultimate team. I'm posting this new game post very late because I've been playing the game since release & now have a English 442 Bronze, Silver & Gold Squad. I've started to create my Liverpool squad but some of the players like Sturridge are very expensive to purchase.

I'm saving up my coins at the moment to buy Steven Gerrard, I used to just focus on the cups in Fifa 13 but I've started on the seasons mode this time to see how far I can get.

For now enjoy a couple more cracking goals below.


UGVM Rocket League - Season 1 - Results

UGVM Rocket League Season 1 (PS4)

Teams of 3 players in 3v3 matches 
Each team will play 3 matches against another team
Team captains (first player in team) to screenshot results

Team 1 - Krazy Khan Krashers (gos, abbas & mo)

Team 2 - Lost Claptrap Boys (cooltag, gus & sessile)

Team 3 - Keystone Cops (zo, gunthergloop & hakk)

Team 4 - Wacky Racers (HarpingOn, Skim & Darren)

Tuesday 6th October 8pm or matches to be organised by team captains.

Match 1 - Team 1 vs Team 2 (Team 1 Won 3-0)
Match 2 - Team 3 vs Team 4 (Team 4 Won 5-1)

Match 3 - Team 1 vs Team 3 (Team 1 Won 3-1)
Match 4 - Team 2 vs Team 4 (Team 4 Won 5-2)

Match 5 - Team 1 vs Team 4 (Team 1 Won 4-3 in overtime)
Match 6 - Team 2 vs Team 3 (Team 3 Won 5-1)

2 Points per win, all matches go to sudden death if needed.
If any two teams at the end have the same points then a final match will be played to decide the Season 1 winner.

The Season 1 winners are Team 1 Krazy Khan Krashers.

Season 2 Tuesday 27th October 9pm


Metal Gear Solid V (PS4) - Motherbase

Got to spend a bit more time with Metal Gear Solid V this weekend, failing really bad trying to use stealth to complete the missions.

I do enjoy using the Fulton recovery system to send enemies back to base, I'm looking at the abilities of these enemies to ensure I dismiss any trouble makers & making sure they are in the correct department for their skill rating. I've just unlocked the ability to upgrade the base but I do not have the required resources yet to upgrade any department.

Side Op missions have now been added which give you a much simpler objective to complete from extract an individual, retrieve weapon blueprint to kill a target.


PinkyPinkSam & Dad play Minecraft - Episode 2

It's been a long time since the last episode, I've been too busy during August. In this episode we go exploring & I get stuck down a cavern.

Need to look at getting Sam a smaller headset & having the mic away from her because she comes across too loud at times.

Score Hero - Level 84 (iOS)

The levels are getting much tougher now, I was stuck for a while retrying level 84 because you had to score four goals.

I would always do the first two easily but fail on the third & then after a few attempts would rage quit.

Finally managed it after a few days of frustration, onwards & upwards to season 6 now.


Fallout Shelter - Completed (iOS)

Having reached the 200 dweller limit, I spent some time on moving rooms around the vault & below is a screenshot of my full vault. Just got a bit more charisma training to go on my character before he is fully maxed out on all stats.


Metal Gear Solid V (PS4) - "You can't see me"

I've not managed that much free time to play MGSV apart from completing the first mission & getting to mother base. I started off pretty well in the first mission playing it slow & taking out enemies quietly but when I found Miller I failed to get him to the extraction point & had to restart from the last checkpoint. On the second attempt I just picked him up and ran for the extraction point ignoring all the enemies.

Mother base is your offshore control centre and you can do lots from developing weapons, going on new missions to managing your personnel. You also get daily rewards but I've not unlocked this yet guess I need to play more of the story missions.

I did have some fun free-roaming Afghanistan & attaching the Fulton parachutes to animals & enemies. Annoyingly my twitch stream failed at some point during the session & I don't have a video of this to show the poor sheep I sent to orbit but I have got a nice gameplay video of me hiding behind a rock.


New Game - Metal Gear Solid V (PS4)

I've only played the prologue so far but wow what a game!

Yes it's got lots of FMV etc blah! blah! It's called presentation & this builds up the amazing opening to the game.

Then leaves you in Afghanistan with a horse to get on with your own thing which I've not done yet but will do next time.

So glad I decided to drop Destiny (Taken King preorder cancelled) & purchase this on release instead.

New Game - Score Hero (iOS)

 A follow up to the Score! game Score Hero has you play a player & progress his career.

It's very similiar free to play affair in which you have hearts that you use to play levels & if you fail you lose a heart. You can pay to refill this meter or like I do just come back later to try the level again.

I've played quite a bit and have just signed for my beloved Liverpool :)

The game does get tough because it has you scoring three or four goals before you can advance to the next stage & the frustration comes in that if you fail one you have to start back at the beginning.

You can use the in-game notes to rewind your attempt to try again, you can get free notes by watching ads or use the in-app purchase model to pay.


Fallout Shelter - Vault Limit (iOS)

I've hit the 200 Dwellers vault limit, with not much else to do I'm focussing on levelling up my character to max in all stats & re-organising my vault into sections for electric, food & water production.

Hopefully a future update might add more to the game.


Witcher 3 (PS4) - Completed

I was worried about starting Witcher 3 because of Skyrim would I enjoy another long RPG or would I get bored but The Witcher 3 kept me hooked all the way through, I did ignore some of the sidequests to do with the races & Gwent card game but completed everything else.

The main campaign was brilliant really interesting story & the characters were well written, I would have liked to have played with some of the other characters like Triss, Yennefer or Letho.

Anyhow completed and onto the next game which is Metal Gear Solid V. I've cancelled my pre-order for Destiny The Taken King I want to break free from the endless weekly grind & spend my limited gaming time playing something else. So MGSV for now & then Bloodborne.


Capitals - Stats (iOS)

I've had a bad run & my win rate dropped to 32%, slowly I've been working my way back to 50%.

I've changed my play style after a good tip from witty to focus not on longer words but letters that hurt your opponent & get you close to attacking their capital.

Now if only I could win more games against witty & satsuma.


Rocket League - Long Range Goal

A fun session yesterday evening with the Claptrap Boys, I've uploaded lots of videos to youtube but wanted to highlight this particularly good long range goal.


Witcher 3 - Skellige

Back to The Witcher 3 & I've decided to carry on with the main quest and set sail for Skellige.


Fallout Shelter - Level 50

Still playing but only really spending five minutes in the morning & evening checking in to see how my wasteland wanderers are doing & if I need to recall them back to the vault. I managed to hit the level cap of 50 with Dr. Li so she is now just looking after the vault door ensuring it is regularly serviced & keeping the raiders away.


New Game - Rocket League

Football & rocket cars, an odd mix that just seems to work. Cooltag was happy to spend an hour taking me through the basics. I've been enjoying using twitch lately to capture my gaming, it is better than the PS4 share feature because you can capture a longer video.

Some highlights from my first Rocket League session, below my first goal.

and a match vs cooltag which he won with a brilliant save in the dying seconds.

Hopefully the claptrap boys will be online today so we can enjoy some 2 v 2 & 4 v 4 games.


PinkyPinkSam & Dad play Minecraft - Episode 1

I know what type of game Minecraft is but I've not played it, so my daughter wanted me to play the game with her & capture the gameplay. So PinkyPinkSam & Dad play Minecraft (Episode 1)

After watching back the episode, I don't think Sam's audio settings was set up correctly because the chat audio was very low so will check those for the next video, Sam obviously talks a lot & very fast so I need to get her to talk more slowly. Also no talking of Stampy (Sam loves watching his minecraft videos but I'm not a fan, although he has encouraged her to get into creating Minecraft videos & I'm happy to help).

We've enjoyed building a house & I've experienced using various equipments like the furnace, chest & workbench. I've also learnt the basic controls, how to mine & place blocks to build. Sam already has lots of ideas for the next episode.

Love Sam's closing line "Daddy can I play Xbox"

Journey (PS4) - Completed

Re-released on the PS4 & thanks to cross-buy I got to play it again yesterday on the PS4 for free. Such a good game, I especially love the music.


Fallout Shelter - Nuka Cola Factory

Finally made it to 100 dwellers & built a Nuka Cola Factory, annoyingly you need high endurance to work in the factory so I have sent off four dwellers to the training room & only have two working in the factory at the moment. Not much else to do now except upgrade the existing rooms & increase the number of dwellers in the vault, game could really do with an update.


New Game - Alphabear

Another create a word with letters game, this time using bears to boost your score. You can unlock new bears by beating the targets set for each stage.

The game is split into chapters (I'm currently on chapter 2), annoyingly you cannot go back to previous chapters I think I missed some stages on the first chapter.

Each chapter has a boss stage when beaten advances you to the next chapter.

I've currently got 9 bears out of 67, you have the obvious timer cooldowns like most free to play games but so far it's fine for quick five minute bursts.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Explosive Barrel

Explosive Barrels & Fire Magic do not mix.


The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Twitch Test

Playing some Witcher 3 so I could test Twitch exporting of the gameplay to youtube, it takes a while for the exported video to be scaled up to 720p quality, will look at the PS4 settings to see if I can stream at 1080p.


Fallout Shelter - Preston Garvey

I managed to get Preson Garvey from a lunchbox, just look at those stats, I've stuck him in the training room for now to improve his luck. Currently up to 84 dwellers & at least 10 wandering the wasteland collecting loots & caps.


Fifa - Scissor Kick Goal

Highlighting a video that my son has uploaded to his youtube challenge of an amzing goal he scored at the weekend whilst playing Fifa.

I've not played a Fifa game since 13, we are on a 2 yearly Fifa cycle so I will be buying Fifa 16 on release. Most likely I will get hooked again into playing the ultimate team mode.


Fallout Shelter - Wasteland

Exploring the wasteland is the best way to gain new weapons & armour, I usually send dwellers out in the morning armed with 10 stimpacks & 5 radaways. Monitoring their progress during the day a few times & then usually before bed if they are down to a few stimpacks I recall them back to the vault.

Currently I'm on 62 dwellers now & I have 4 dwellers constantly wandering the wasteland for loot.
I've unlocked all the training rooms & just saving the caps to start building a nuclear reactor.


The Witcher 3 - Sidequests

Sidequests can be either very short & quick or a long string of objectives you have to tick before they are completed.

The Fists of Fury sidequest above has you wondering around Velen taking on opponents in a fist fight to become the champion , I've not yet completed the quest.

They are also a good way to explore areas you would not normally visit to find other hidden quests or rare loot.


The Witcher 3 - Contracts

I've been lucky to spend a fair bit of time over the weekend enjoying The Witcher 3, I've managed to craft some Griffin swords & sell quite a lot of loot that I am now carrying around 10K in gold.

Sidequests & Contracts have been my main focus. Contracts are given to you by village noticeboards & usually involve you doing some investigative work before killing a monster.

The example below is The Merry Widow contract.

The various contracts you collect given you an expected level your character should be, anything coloured green is usually safe enough for you to give it an attempt.

When completing the contract you are normally rewarded with loot & gold from the person who issued the contract.


The Witcher 3 - Monsters

After finishing off the quests & finding all the secrets in White Orchard I completed the main quest to arrive at a new location in Velen. The map is huge !!

I've decided to stick with the main quest for a while & have encountered some new monsters in a Gargoyle & Golem.

I need to look into crafting some better swords & armour instead of sticking with buying from shops. I'm also a bit unsure on what loot to keep, dismantle or sell.

If it was not for Fallout 4 & MGS V then The Witcher 3 would easily be my game of the year.


New Game - The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

After completing Battlefield Hardline I had nothing else to play & was a bit unsure about what to purchase. Asking fellow gamers on rllmuk two games got mention quite a bit Bloodborne & The Witcher 3.

I did not enjoy Dark Souls on the 360 & I don't enjoy playing excessively gory & potentially scary games. So I ordered The Witcher 3 along with Far Cry 4 (mainly to give Abbas something to enjoy) & DriveClub (I'm itching for a racing game, have not played one on the PS4.

DriveClub & Far Cry 4 have not been delivered but The Witcher 3 was waiting for me when I got back from work on Friday.

Over the weekend I have enjoyed making potions, swimming underwater for treasure, killing ghouls, finding a lost frying pan, getting scared by a noonwraith, collecting herbs & hunting a griffin.

I did have reservations about the game because of Skyrim. I thought I was done with medieval style rpgs but boy how wrong could I be, the Witcher 3 is an amazing game & I'm only still in the first location.

I've got a couple of side quests to complete before I turn in for my main quest & some locations I need to check for loot. Really wish we had a three day weekend so I could play the game some more.


Battlefield Hardline - Completed

With only ten episodes, you can very quickly complete the game if you play a few episodes every evening. Just like binge-watching any tv show, I binge-played through all the episodes to complete the game.

I arrested all the warrants & collected all the evidence to complete the case files.

I did encounter one bug on episode eight where I died at a particular section & the game went into a checkpoint loading loop. I had to quit & restart the episode, thankfully it remembered all the evidence I had collected & warrants completed.

It was short but an enjoyable experience, I've no interest in the multiplayer so onto the next game.

I'm got nothing left on the shelf to play (maybe I should have kept Dragon Age to try for myself) with only Destiny & Fifa 14 so time to buy some games. I've decided to go with Far Cry 4, DriveClub & The Witcher 3 which should hopefully keep me busy until September.


Fallout Shelter - Vault 101

One of the many surprises to come out from E3 was the release of Fallout Shelter. An mobile/tablet game which has you looking after your own vault managing the people, resources & challenging the wasteland. It's similar to any resource management game like tiny tower etc but it's FALLOUT !! & it's free. You can if you wish spend money to purchases lunch boxes which reward you with resources, caps, armour, weapons or new dwellers.

I currently have 35 dwellers, some equipped with armour & weapons. I decided to go for the layout below because when building an adjoining room you can merge three of the same rooms together to make a larger room which produces more & stores more of the resource. 

I have two dwellers who I have equipped with the best armour/weapon to wonder the wasteland looking for loot. It is a fine balancing act of dwellers & resources to ensure you can easily manage your vault. My next target is to build another power plant to reduce the pressure on that resource. 


New Game - Battlefield Hardline

After completing AC Unity next on the shelf was Battlefield Hardline. The presentation is very good, styled like a US cop TV show with episodes & recaps.

You play the role of Nick Mendoza who is a Miami cop involved in the drug war. Each episode advances the main story line whilst also giving you two types of side quests to complete.

The first are warrants, you have to identify your target & take them into custody. This is tough because your target will not be alone & you need to take out the other enemies with stealth so you can arrest your target. I've failed these warrant targets a few times & have had to retry from the last checkpoint. You don't have to retry & you can just carry on with the main campaign ignoring this side quest but where is the fun in that?

The other is case files where you track down clues to various cases, this is quite easy (although I did miss a couple & had to replay an episode) you just use your tracker to locate the clues to scan them. These cases do give you further information on the main quests so are not a pointless collectible.

I especially enjoyed episode 3 which has you visiting the everglades & you can drive an airboat. You are rewarded with more skill points for arresting an enemy which upgrade your level to unlock more weapons etc. The idea behind is to stop you going in gung-ho & just killing everything you see, trying to get you to play like a cop & arrest the bad guys.

Anyhow back to the everglades for me, I got some warrants to complete.


Capitals - Beating the Pro's


I have played many matches with Jocha in Words with Friends & very rarely beaten him but managed to get an early win against him in Capitals. Also finally won a game against magicaldrop having lost the last six.


Capitals - Longest Match - 57 Round win.

I won an epic 57 round match against CBoy, finally taking over his castle & clearing off his tiles to win the match.

Destiny - Vault of Glass Guide

I have spent the last couple of weeks with help from Shimmyhill & Uncle Mike finishing off the RLLMUK guide to the Vault of Glass raid, go take a look & read for some useful tips.

I've completed the Dead Kings DLC for Assassin's Creed Unity & have gone back to playing with the level 28 Warlock to try and get it up to 32, this will give me two chances of completing the nightfall every week for Etheric Light drops.


Capitals - The Hopkins Comeback

I came very close to beating Neil, I captured his capital but could not clear out his other red tiles to finish the game.

Neil then mounted an excellent comeback and beat me in a 19 round game.

Well played Neil.


Mario Kart 8 - Winning

I usually play with Wario but I've been doing very poor lately albeit I blame the randomness of the pick-ups for that because on many occasions I would go from 1st or 2nd to finish 6th or below because I've been smacked by Red or Blue shells.

I changed to try Toad and played pretty well in all the races to finish 1st, winning the trophy.

So let me take a moment to gloat :)


New Game - Capitals

Capitals is the latest game from NimbleBit (Tiny Tower, Disco Zoo).

It is a word base battle game where the other players tries to attack your castle or in my case alien (you can customise)  to win the game.

My first game was a 21 round marathon which I won.

Current stats are 15 games played, Won 9 & Lost 6.
Longest word is Mountings.

Destiny - Level 32

I've finally made rank 2 on the crucible & I purchased new boots to go along with the new vanguard helmet to take me to level 32.

Now starts the hunt for Etheric light which you can gain from the Trails of Osiris PvP mode, the higher level 34/35 Prison of Elders or the Weekly Nightfall (which is probably my best chance).


Peggle Blast - Shredder

I've been stuck on level 60 for nearly 2 weeks now, it is a 5 stage boss level fight with no checkpoints in between the waves. If you fail to clear all the orange pegs or destroy the countdown bombs you need to either spend peggle points (in-app purchases) or start again from wave 1.

I've had no choice but to feed the game to the shredder.


Destiny - Prison of Elders

With Hakk & Gus we tackled the Prison of Elders. It is a wave based arena-horde mode with a boss fight on the last wave. There is a 'Duck Tales' style loot room at the end (I managed to die on my way to it) & I was rewarded with an Exotic & Legendary weapon but no Treasure Key.

You need a Treasure Key to open the big chest so it is probably not worth doing Prison of Elders unless you have a Treasure Key.


Assassin's Creed Unity - Completed

Ubisoft always use the same copy & paste formula with a map full of icons in the Assassin Creed & Far Cry games.

It's a formula that is beginning to tire & I ignored most of the icons to focus just on the main campaign. This time you are running around the Paris rooftops, the game has lost of all future sections from the previous game which is a shame.

There were obviously lots of issues with this game at launch, waiting six months meant the issues were all fixed & I experienced no problems during the game.

After completing the main campaign, I have started the Dead Kings DLC which was given away free by Ubisoft. I've also purchased Battlefield Hardline so will be playing that next.


Destiny - House of Wolves

The House of Wolves expansion has been released, it comes with story missions, a new strike, Prison of Elders new game mode, Trials of Osiris PvP event, lots of new currencies, weapons & armour.

In short I love it.

It uses some of the old locations but opens up new areas to explore & fight the fallen. New social space in the reef with new characters giving bounties & loot.

I've completed the main story & new strike mission. Upgraded my Suros, IceBreaker, Truth & Chest Armour to the max level & purchased a new legendary auto rifle in Pest Control Matrix.

I also have a treasure key waiting to open the loot found from completing the Prison of Elders.
Next time with Hakk & Gus.


Peggle Blast - Shooting Pegs again

I've been looking for something to play on the iPhone since completing Motorsport Manager & Xevious suggested Peggle Blast.

It's a free download with in-app purchases but I've not hit any paywalls yet. Some of the levels are tough & you will need a few attempts to get pass let alone three stars.

The screenshot to the left shows an amazing score I got on level 51, currently I'm on level 58 after being stuck on level 57 for quite a few days.

There is a health timer which controls how many times you can try a level but that does not bother me much I usually only get enough time for one attempt on a level.

Best of all is 'Ode to Joy' when completing a level.
Also thanks to Nick for the new logo on the blog.


UGVM Disc Drivin Season 5

I've sent out tweets & posted on UGVM to the players in season 4 to confirm participation.


There are 4 leagues (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze) with the winning player getting promoted & the worst getting demoted to a lower league.

Points are awarded from 4 or 3 (if a 3 player league) for 1st downwards to 1 point for last.

The 4 chosen tracks are Jump Cut, Roundabout, Two Cool & Canyon Flip.

Changes from last season to make it easier to start the leagues, the first player in the league will start all the tracks & invite the other players in league order below.

Deadline for leagues to finish is 29th May (3 weeks), I will check with the league starter once a week to ensure the races are progressing, any player not playing their turn for a number of days will be given a kick & if no response will be excluded from the tournament.

Platinum League
lufferov (10)
gospvg (9)
Jochta (10)
Becs (11)

Becs wins the league & gospvg is relegated.

- Two Cool (gospvg, jochta, lufferov & becs)
- Canyon Flip (lufferov, jochta, becs & gospvg)
- Jump Cut (becs, jochta, gospvg & lufferov)
- Roundabout (becs, lufferov, gospvg & jochta)

Gold League
Carldjcross (8)
HaggisHunter (15)
Hakk (6)
Xexyzx (11)

HaggisHunter wins the league & is promoted. Hakk is relegated.

- Two Cool (haggis, hakk, xexyzx & carl)
- Canyon Flip (haggis, xexyzx, carl & hakk)
- Roundabout (xexyzx, haggis, carl & hakk)
- Jump Cut (haggis, carl, xexyzx & hakk)

Silver League
SomethingWitty (10)
thermalsatsuma (6)
GusTavToo (8)

SomethingWitty wins the group & is promoted. Thermalsatsuma is relegated.

- Two Cool (satsuma, witty & gus)
- Roundabout (witty, gus & satsuma)
- Jump Cut (witty, gus & satsuma)
- Canyon Flip (gus, witty & satsuma)

Bronze League
Sessile (7)
monstermohsin (8)
asktoby (9)

- Two Cool (monster, toby & sessile)
- Jump Cut (monster, toby & sessile)
- Roundabout (sessile, toby & monster)
- Canyon Flip (toby, sessile & monster)

asktoby wins the league & is promoted.


Destiny - Glimmer Farming

Made a quick video about Glimmer farming on Mars Exclusion Zone.

Motorsport Manager - Completed

I won the last championship 'World Spec Series' on the first time of asking, it was a lot tougher but I managed to get a few 1,2 finishes to rack up quite a few points for the team.

Motorsport Manager completed.

What to play next?


Motorsport Manager - Introducing Reina Gorham

So my investment in the young driver program paid off with Reina Gorham. A driver with 3 x 99 stats !!

I've quickly signed her up on a 24 month contract & she went on to win the remaing three races of the season which meant I won the World Grand Prix championship with 531 points.

I have now fully upgraded the Aerodynamics,
Design & Manufacturing facilities to tackle the World Spec championship. I'm off to a good start by winning the first race.

I've played lots of football management games on iOS but it's good to finally enjoy a well made motorsport management game.


Destiny - The Quest for the Runed Core

Thanks to the recent raid completion this has reignited my interest in Destiny & I've taken a little break from Assassin's Creed Unity. Thus began the quest for the Ruined Runed Core, I'm ignoring the incorrect spelling in the game.

To upgrade the Murmur fusion rifle you need to have a level 3 rank with Eris in the Tower and then she will trade you a runed core for 5 Black Wax idols.

I've been logging the past few days to complete her various daily bounties to get me ever closer, currently I'm rank 2 with 940/2000 rep point before I upgrade to rank 3.

Depending on the bounties I can get usually 300 or 400 points per day, some of these are very easy to complete by usually just repeating a particular mission like the first Crota mission to defeat a Knight or the first mission on the moon when the doors open & "You've woken the Hive".

With the new House of  Wolves expansion due for release next month, I think I will be playing Destiny for a little while longer yet.


Motorsport Manager - International Racing Championship & Continental Super Cup

Managed to win both the the Tier 2 championships in the past few days & moved up to Tier 1 for the World Grand Prix Championships. It's going to take me a long while before I have a competitive enough car to challenge anywhere near the top.

Luckily I have quite a bit of cash so have invested in fully upgrading my young drivers training program to hopefully develop a race winning driver.


Destiny - Crota Raid

Thanks to Soi's tuition we (Hakk, Gus & I) finally completed the Crota Raid yesterday. 


iOS Roundup - Carcassonne Mega Expansion Game

Luffers started a new game on Carcassonne a couple of weeks ago with all the current expansions enabled which resulted in 262 tiles to play !!

I just managed to win with a high score of 644 points !!

I started to get bored with Pocket Mine 2 so deleted. Words on Tour annoyingly has become very difficult to get three star levels & the game is spamming with in-app purchases now. I've made it to San Francisco before deciding it is time to call it quit. Shame Zynga went for the in-app purchase route I would have been happy to pay up front to play the game.

Still enjoying Motorsport Manager currently on Tier 2 trying to win the International Racing Championship.


Mario Party 10 - Bowser Time

Sunday afternoon was family gaming, so time to dust off the WiiU & play Mario Party 10.

Mario Party 10 makes a change from the previous games in that the players work as a team instead of individuals to reach the  goal.

I've enjoyed playing the Bowser Mode where I was Bowser using the gamepad to chase down the other players via mini-games I tried to destroy hearts they own to eliminate them from the game & reaching the end goal.

We tried out the three maps which is a bit limited considering I remember previous games having 6+ maps but overall It's another good family Nintendo release.


New Game - Assassin's Creed Unity

I tried Metro Redux but I just could not get into it, not sure why but I was not enjoying it. So I went with Assassin's Creed Unity instead, Paris looks lovely & thankfully the game has been patched a million times so I've had no issues playing.

Yes it's more of the same but I'm enjoying it so far running around Paris rooftops. This time round you play as Arno, so far he has experienced his father dying, being adopted by a Grand Master (Templar) who is also murdered with Arno being accused & thrown into Jail.

Yes it is the same old formula with the map fully loaded with icons etc but it's enjoyable pleasure getting the various viewpoints, taking part in a crowd event & lock-picking the odd chest or door. It's a formula that Ubisoft have used for quite a few years in many games but the story is what changes, this is what keeps me interested & coming back to the AC Series.

I've played quite a bit of the game now onto Sequence 4, the story moves along at a swift pace but I've taken time out to focus on the Cafe Theatre side missions & upgrade my various weapons & armour.

CounterSpy - Completed

Completed CounterSpy over the weekend, great little indie game. It does get tougher towards the end with stronger enemies & an increase in the numbers. I then tried Never Alone but just did not enjoy the gameplay mechanics, it looks lovely but is more a documentary first & game second. I've still got a few more indie games to enjoy but for now it's Assassin's Creed Unity.


New Game - CounterSpy

Time for something else after completing a 40 hour epic & play some of the smaller PSN titles I have accumulated over the past few months. I've got a few to enjoy in CounterSpy, Valiant Hearts, Child of Light & Never Alone. I saw Abbas play CounterSpy & it looked fun enough to give it a go, It is however tough trying to go stealth kills only & sometimes I have to resort to a firefight to complete a level.

One of my better missions below (trust me there are quite a few where I have failed miserably) where I managed to moved the Defcon from 2 to 5.

I still have a couple of retail games on the shelf to play in Assassin Creed Unity & Metro Redux. I won't be buying any more until I have completed those which to be honest might take me up to June when Batman Arkham Knight is released.


Shadow of Mordor - Completed

A 40 hour game has taken me nearly 3 months to complete, that is poor going. I've not had much time for gaming lately.

I completed the Lithariel missions & then continued on with the main quest with the Lord of Mordor. This mission has you controlling your warchiefs to take down a large army or Uruks & Black Captains.

You then arrive at the Tower and a twist in the plot reveals more about your return & control. You then have to defeat the tower which is an odd fight because I found it very easy with stealth attacks. The last mission Mordor in Flames has you attacking The Talons of the Black Hand which are more powerful captains, luckily all my branded warchiefs survived the previous mission & where on hand to help me take down these captains with ease.

You then finally meet the Black Hand and after some cut scenes are treated to a quick-time section upon completion the Black Hand is defeated. Very disappointing last boss fight way too easy & boring. The Hammer fight was far more enjoyable & challenging.

Anyhow after 40 odd hours, Shadow of Mordor completed. Next CounterSpy.


Shadow of Mordor - Branding the Warchiefs

It's been a while since my last post on Shadow of Mordor, after defeating The Hammer the games takes you to a new location 'Sea of Nurn' which gives you another new map to explore & mission to complete.

Nurn is a nice lush land with lots of greenery to enjoy, you meet Lithariel who asks for your help in saving her mother. You also meet a Torvin a dwarf hunter who has some enjoyable hunting missions.

The main campaign mission is more difficult in that you have to brand (this is an ability that lets you control your enemy) all the five warchiefs. This has taken me quite a while because the warchiefs & various captains you meet are far more tougher & challenging.

I think I am near the end game jut want to finish off the Lithariel missions before I take on the next campaign mission.

iOS Catch Up - Words on Tour, Pocket Mine 2 & Motorsport Manager

An update on iOS gaming, I have completed the Tokyo level on Words of Tour & have now arrived in San Francisco.

San Francisco introduces a new timer tile which has a countdown & you have to play these tiles before the counter runs out.

This makes the levels far more difficult especially when trying to get three stars.

I've also started a couple of new games over the past couple of weeks in Pocket Mine 2 & Motorsport Manager.

Pocket Mine 2 follows on from the first game with a new adventure mode that takes you travelling to new locations in search of new loot & cards. It's the same old gameplay but ok for the odd five minute of gaming.

Motorsport Manager I purchased quite a while ago but never got round to playing you manage a motor racing team & compete in various championships whilst upgrading your car, infrastructure & managing your engineers, drivers, sponsors & fans.

I've won the British & Australian championships & currently trying to finish mid table in the Euro championship, this is proving more difficult because I have now moved up a to the next tier of racing so the other teams have far better cars, drivers & infrastructure. It's going to take me a few seasons before I can challenge for the title.

I'm still also playing the usuall turn based affairs & just started playing Fluxx with Abbas yesterday evening who very quickly figured out the game and started winning.