Metal Gear Solid V (PS4) - Motherbase

Got to spend a bit more time with Metal Gear Solid V this weekend, failing really bad trying to use stealth to complete the missions.

I do enjoy using the Fulton recovery system to send enemies back to base, I'm looking at the abilities of these enemies to ensure I dismiss any trouble makers & making sure they are in the correct department for their skill rating. I've just unlocked the ability to upgrade the base but I do not have the required resources yet to upgrade any department.

Side Op missions have now been added which give you a much simpler objective to complete from extract an individual, retrieve weapon blueprint to kill a target.


PinkyPinkSam & Dad play Minecraft - Episode 2

It's been a long time since the last episode, I've been too busy during August. In this episode we go exploring & I get stuck down a cavern.

Need to look at getting Sam a smaller headset & having the mic away from her because she comes across too loud at times.

Score Hero - Level 84 (iOS)

The levels are getting much tougher now, I was stuck for a while retrying level 84 because you had to score four goals.

I would always do the first two easily but fail on the third & then after a few attempts would rage quit.

Finally managed it after a few days of frustration, onwards & upwards to season 6 now.


Fallout Shelter - Completed (iOS)

Having reached the 200 dweller limit, I spent some time on moving rooms around the vault & below is a screenshot of my full vault. Just got a bit more charisma training to go on my character before he is fully maxed out on all stats.


Metal Gear Solid V (PS4) - "You can't see me"

I've not managed that much free time to play MGSV apart from completing the first mission & getting to mother base. I started off pretty well in the first mission playing it slow & taking out enemies quietly but when I found Miller I failed to get him to the extraction point & had to restart from the last checkpoint. On the second attempt I just picked him up and ran for the extraction point ignoring all the enemies.

Mother base is your offshore control centre and you can do lots from developing weapons, going on new missions to managing your personnel. You also get daily rewards but I've not unlocked this yet guess I need to play more of the story missions.

I did have some fun free-roaming Afghanistan & attaching the Fulton parachutes to animals & enemies. Annoyingly my twitch stream failed at some point during the session & I don't have a video of this to show the poor sheep I sent to orbit but I have got a nice gameplay video of me hiding behind a rock.


New Game - Metal Gear Solid V (PS4)

I've only played the prologue so far but wow what a game!

Yes it's got lots of FMV etc blah! blah! It's called presentation & this builds up the amazing opening to the game.

Then leaves you in Afghanistan with a horse to get on with your own thing which I've not done yet but will do next time.

So glad I decided to drop Destiny (Taken King preorder cancelled) & purchase this on release instead.

New Game - Score Hero (iOS)

 A follow up to the Score! game Score Hero has you play a player & progress his career.

It's very similiar free to play affair in which you have hearts that you use to play levels & if you fail you lose a heart. You can pay to refill this meter or like I do just come back later to try the level again.

I've played quite a bit and have just signed for my beloved Liverpool :)

The game does get tough because it has you scoring three or four goals before you can advance to the next stage & the frustration comes in that if you fail one you have to start back at the beginning.

You can use the in-game notes to rewind your attempt to try again, you can get free notes by watching ads or use the in-app purchase model to pay.


Fallout Shelter - Vault Limit (iOS)

I've hit the 200 Dwellers vault limit, with not much else to do I'm focussing on levelling up my character to max in all stats & re-organising my vault into sections for electric, food & water production.

Hopefully a future update might add more to the game.


Witcher 3 (PS4) - Completed

I was worried about starting Witcher 3 because of Skyrim would I enjoy another long RPG or would I get bored but The Witcher 3 kept me hooked all the way through, I did ignore some of the sidequests to do with the races & Gwent card game but completed everything else.

The main campaign was brilliant really interesting story & the characters were well written, I would have liked to have played with some of the other characters like Triss, Yennefer or Letho.

Anyhow completed and onto the next game which is Metal Gear Solid V. I've cancelled my pre-order for Destiny The Taken King I want to break free from the endless weekly grind & spend my limited gaming time playing something else. So MGSV for now & then Bloodborne.