UGVM Disc Drivin - Season 3

Time for UGVM Disc Drivin Season 3
Can everyone confirm they have their flicking finger at the ready?


Poker Pals - Game Over

After 4 months of playing, recently only with Jochta, Satsuma or Haggis it was time to say goodbye to Poker Pals.

With just so many online turn-based iOS games to play I was starting to get bored of Poker Pals.

I have also taken this opportunity to say goodbye to Chess with Friends which I am truly honest about I suck at Chess.


Skyrim Diary - Entry 21 - Death to the Diary

I have found myself spending too much time on my blog especially when writing the skyrim diary posts thus I decided to burn the quest diaries in favour of spending that time playing skyrim instead. It is truly an amazing game & I could be writing about it for years but instead I would rather sit back and enjoy playing it instead.


Splurge - February 2012

I noticed that I have not done a February Splurge report so here it is.

A quiet February then compared to January's £240.18, I only spent £32.69 purchasing the first two Resistance games, The Orange Box (again !!), hopefully this time I will get round to playing Half Life 2 & Portal. PGR4 for future PMGs  & Resi 5 to play on co-op with Abbas. Xenoblade Chronicles was a purchase that I felt I should buy now before it inflates in value. Only the one iOS purchase in Oh! Edo Towns from Kairosoft of Game Dev Story fame. A few purchases with MS points Deus Ex DLC for Abbas & Oozi Earth Adventure. A lot of gaming for the price of one new release console game.


Skyrim Diary - Entry 20 - Mikrul Gauldurson

Dear Diary,

After resting I grabbed the dragon claw out of my bag & rotated the puzzle door to match which unlocked the door to a small room with some loot & a door to the crypt.

I turned to look at everyone and said "Lets go say hello to Mikrul"

His coffin exploded & out stepped Mikrul wielding a large sword, Esbern summoned an atronach & Lydia charged in with her sword.

I shouted "Wait !!" but it was too late Mikrul had attacked Lydia & she lay on the floor. Delphine then shouted "Valdarr, behind you !!" I looked around and some draugr were running up to attack, I ducked & attacked back with my sword. Esbern was now shooting off fireballs at Mikrul & I ran over to Lydia & gave her a healing potion. She looked up and said "Thanks"

Esbern had the attention of Mikrul, so I pulled Lydia up & said "Come On !" There were now more draugr coming up the stairs to the crypt, I shouted "Fus Ro DAH !!" & they all fell backwards, with my Red Bane sword I charged in to kill them all.

Delphine, Lydia & Esbern were all now attacking Mikrul, I ran over & said "Need a hand?" "YES!!" shouted Esbern. I applied a soul gem to recharge the Red Bane sword & started to attack Mikrul from behind, he turned around to attack me, I defended with my shield & swiped with my sword, he fell down & Lydia came charging in "Aaargh !!" to deal the final blow.

I searched his body to find a Gauldur fragment, Blackblade & a Writ of Sealing. A locked gate (opened by the dragon claw) led upstairs to a wall of power where I learnt a new shout frost, frost breath. Then we followed the path out which led back into the dragur burial area & outside.


New Tuesday A to Z - N (games never played)

Need for Speed (Various)
Apart from a few hours on Hot Pursuit I have never played a Need for Speed game, like most genres you can't play them all & I spent most of my time on the racing genre playing Gran Turismo, Mario Kart or Burnout instead.

NBA/NHL Games (Various)
I suppose you have to be interested in the sport to have the desire to play a game of the sport. I like watching football & have played quite a few football games over the years. I don't like Ice Hockey or Basketball and thus with the one exception of NBA Jam (Megadrive) I have no interest in the games.


New Tuesday A to Z - M (games never played)

Myst (PC)
Is it a puzzle game, a static screensaver? whatever it was it looked way too boring to interest me.

Madden (Various)
American Football, pah! rubbish true football is played with the ball on the pitch being kicked about, let's take the sport of Rugby change a few rules & call in American Football & then start releasing games with someone called John Madden who the f**k is he?

Maniac Mansion (PC)
Oh! dear another Lucasart game ...moving on YAWN !!

Mega Lo Mania (Atari ST)
A simpler version of Civilization it looked to me made by the guys who gave us Sensible Soccer, I tried the demo on some issue of ST Format but that was it.


Fifa 11 Ultimate Team - Contracts 67

In ultimate team all players need a contract to play matches, you can either purchase contracts from trading or buy a pack of cards from the store. A bronze pack costing 400 coins will usually give you 3 or 4 contracts to use.

You also need to keep hold on injury healing cards very valuable when your star striker gets injured. My RM (right midfielder) was recently injured & I did not have a healing card so I went looking for a bronze 442 RM player. I only buy players that have a pace of 70+ & are at least 60+ in their respective skill so for the midfielder he needed to have a 60+ in passing.

I found Lee Croft who was English (this was good for my team chemistry) had a pace of 72, formation was 442 & had a passing skill of 62 but he was listed for 1400 coins. Very expensive for a bronze player I thought even if Abbas was saying buy him.

I then went back to my squad and put my french RM on the pitch for the next match instead. After winning the Amateur Cup I returned back to the trading section to continue my search for an English 442 RM again Lee Croft came up in the search for 1400 coins. Abbas again said "Buy him ! you need him, does not matter if he is expensive" and he then followed up by saying "fine, let me sign into my team so I can buy him". I checked the rest of his information, fitness, morale etc & then came to contract which had the value of 67 !!

67 !! the boys screamed, most players on the trading section either have 7 matches or 0 matches on the contract field but 67 !! Without hesitating I clicked buy it now for 1400 coins, easily the bargain of the century.


Hanging with Friends - Hangmen

In a recent game I gave Kevin the word 'Hangmen' to guess. How Apt? I thought but alas he failed to guess the word.

DOH !!