Weekly Update - 350 Light

Not had much time for gaming the last week so only really managed to play some Destiny with Hakk trying to get to that 350 light target.

Currently I am on 341 light with 350 Gauntlets, Chest, Boots & Artifact. I don't have any 350 weapons with 340 being my max on Primary & Heavy weapon. We tried to get to the top of Felwinter Peak to collect a Siva Cluster, I gave up after a few attempts but Harry carried on & finally managed it. I will need to ask him for directions so I can collect that cluster.

Not had time to return Deus Ex, No Mans Sky or Lego Star Wars Force Awakens. I did try the demo for Dragon Quest Builders which is Minecraft Jap RPG style & it's not bad. The third person camera is a bit fiddly when placing blocks but not a hindrance. I won't buy it at the moment because I have XCOM 2 coming soon & need to finish what I own before buying anymore but it is on the shopping list.

On iOS, Pokemon Go I am now level 22 after using a lucky egg. I'm taking a break from the game for a while now because it's become a bit of a grind. Clash Royale I seem to have gotten the hang of Arena 7 now with 2143 trophies & now slowly getting enough cards to upgrade my commons to level 10 & rares to level 7.

I finished last in the Carcassonne league & got relegated. Blocking is a tactic I need to ensure I use again because I'm always on the receiving end.

Plan for the next week some more Destiny, back to No Mans Sky & Deus EX.


Carcassonne Super League - Season 3

It's been nearly a year but Season 3 is live !!

Some basic rules for the games, only the base pack to be used no expansions packs or hardcore/kid mode to be activated.

Three matches to be played 2 x 1vs1 matches & one three player match. Points to be awarded 2 points for a win & 1 point for finishing 2nd in the three player match.

Using Platinum league as an example, the matches to be played as below.
3 Player Game - Bushtopher vs And1976 vs Gospvg
2 Player Game - Bushtopher vs And1976
2 Player Game - Bushtopher vs Gospvg
2 Player Game - And1976 vs Gospvg

Send me the match results via Twitter, RLLMUK, UGVM or the comments section on this post.

Bushtopher (4 Points)
and1976 (3 Points)
gospvg (2 Points)

Bushtopher (99) vs and1976 (75) - Bustopher Wins
And1976 (122) vs gospvg (117) - And1976 Wins
Bushtopher (90) vs gospvg (73) - Bushtopher Wins

3 Player Match - Gospvg (99), And1976 (93) & Bushtopher (87) - 2 Points to gospvg & 1 point to And1976

Bushtopher wins the league & gospvg is relegated.

Lufferov (4 Points)

Lufferov (105) vs Satsuma (100) - Lufferov wins
Lufferov (124) vs Arkham (95) - Lufferov wins

Kerumba (3 Points)
Altashheth (2 Points)
StatusJones (4 Points)

Kerumba (77) vs StatusJones (75) - Kerumba Wins
StatusJones (87) vs Altashheth (57) - StatusJones Wins
Altashheth (142) vs Kerumba (111) - Altashheth Wins
3 Player Match - StatusJones (69), Kerumba (66) & Altashheth (53) - 2 points to StatusJones & 1 point to Kerumba.

StatusJones wins the league & is promoted, Altashheth is relegated.

makingupnumbers (2 Points)
Garwoofoo (2 Points)

Makingupnumbers (100) vs Garwoofoo (85) - Makingupnumbers Wins
Garwoofoo (99) vs John (90) - Garwoofoo Wins

Dr Watson (4 Points)
lewismistreated (5 Points)

Lewis (97) vs Dr Watson (68) - Lewis wins
Dr Watson (116) vs Carl (96) - Dr Watson wins
Lewis (129) vs Carl (114) - Lewis Wins
Dr Watson (87), Lewis (82) & Carl (69) - 2 points to Dr Watson & 1 point to Lewis

Lewis is promoted.


Weekly Update - "I feel I can do this forever"

I am pretty sure I will forever be gaming. Although not had much time during the last week, blame Netflix & Gotham Season 2 for taking up most of my free time but I did manage some more Deus Ex visiting a rave club & Golem City which is maze of stairs & floors.

No Man's Sky had another update which promptly crashed my game yet again. Can't believe after so many patches I am still getting crashes?! I'm still on the atlas path collecting these stones. I'm assuming at some point something must happen with them?

Destiny Rise of Iron came out yesterday, I teamed up with Hakk & Gus to complete the main campaign missions. Took about two hours you have a new enemy type in splicer, the final mission was pretty tough & I'd almost say impossible if you are not playing in a fireteam. Once you have completed the main campaign, you then get access to lots of quests from the social area Felwinter Peak.

On iOS new updates to Carcassonne with three new expansions. Information on the update below, I'm playing a few games with the new expansions & the Abbot seems to be the most useful so far. Looking into kicking off a new tournament soon.

The Abbot is a new game piece you place on Cloisters or Gardens (a new tile feature that will magically appear on some existing tiles). You can recall the Abbot at any time during the game, scoring points without needing to finish the Cloister or Garden first.

The Old River
This was the very first expansion ever to be published for Carcassonne. Introduced at the SPIEL 2001 toy fair in Germany, it remains a true collector's item.

German Cathedrals
The newest mini expansion comprising six famous German cathedrals. So new it's not even available in print until mid October.

You can place a meeple on a German cathedral to score points. Roads connected to a German cathedral score bonus points.

Pokemon Go introduced a new buddy pokemon system for receiving extra candy so I have gone with Pikachu.

I've also finally caught a Rhyhorn & a Venomoth so have perfect stats with 74 seen & caught.

Clash Royale I just seem to be hovering between arena 6 & 7 currently on 1951 trophies & just about keeping my own.

Still playing Capitals  & enjoyed a 3 round knockout against HaggisHunter :)


Weekly Update - Robbing Banks, Destiny God & the Millennium Falcon

I've still not gone back to Lego Star Wars, Doh!

But I have been spending quite a bit of time hacking, breaking into banks, sneaking around & shooting enemies with my stun gun. Carried on with the main quest now that I had completed all the available side quests. The control scheme really needs a quick option to be able to access the map.

I spent quite a bit of time robbing the bank & it's corporate vaults for some nice loot.

Tried out the PS+ games, Journey of course is excellent but Lord of the Fallen is a dark souls type affair in which you fight big bosses, die & repeat. Badland is a  port of an iOS game which I got bored of within a few minutes. New PS4 firmware is out which let's you now create folders & filters the library to show you what you have installed vs purchased.

I had an amazing session in Destiny PvP by finishing 1st !!
That will be a one off feat never to be repeated again.

On No Man's Sky I have being flying around repairing crashed ships to upgrade to a 48 slot beast which my daughter has named the Millennium Falcon.

I've also got the Theta warp drive installed & have been jumping star systems to collect atlas stones.

Got back to playing Diablo 3 with the Claptrap Boys, no idea what is going on with the story but we have completed Act 4. Hopefully nearing the end so we can start The Division soon.

iOS? Made it to arena 8 now in Clash Royale but still no legendary cards. Managed to capture a few more rare pokemon in Parasect, Meowth, Machomp & another Bulbasaur. Current stats Caught 72 & Seen 74.

Fingers crossed hopefully back to some Lego Star Wars this week.


Weekly Update - Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Well the Lego Star Wars idea went out of the window, I got hooked into playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Took me a while to remember some of the mechanics especially hacking but I'm comfortable now & enjoying going around Prague completing various side missions.

You start the game with a lot of augmentations but after suffering a malfunction from an explosion you need to visit a doctor to reboot your system, this gives you the chance to be a bit more selective on what skills you want to unlock.

I've completed a few of the side quests in Prague but basically I've been walking around and dealing with the smaller quests given to you by various NPC's & exploring places either by hacking or sneaking around via air vents. It's a good game, I like it will keep me busy for the next few weeks.

Decided to take a look at the free to play games on the playstation store & downloaded Neverwinter & Hawken. My son is trying out Neverwinter, it seems to have a lot of content but suffers really badly from frame rate issues. Hawken on the other hand I like, it's mech v mech combat :) Star Trek Online has been added today will add that to the download queue to give it a try.

The next lot of playstation plus games have been added in the brilliant Journey, Lords of the Fallen & Badland. Not tried any of them yet but will do during the week.

Played a bit of Destiny last week and got a new exotic heavy rocket launcher Dragon's Breath which I can't use because my one exotic weapon is the Suros Regime Auto Rifle but I did also get the Armamentarium exotic chest plate which gives you two grenades so swapped that out for the Crest of Alpha Lupi. I used my 200 silver coins to use at the Eververse shop so purchased the rude taunt emote.

I finally managed to hatch a 10K egg which was in an incubator for a couple of weeks & was rewarded with an Aerodactyl. I really need to remember to keep the app open when I am walking around. Level 21 now & I need a whopping 75K XP to get to the next level, time to use those lucky eggs I think.

On Clash Royale I manged to unlock the Golem card but it uses 8 elixir before you can play it !! It's very tough and when destroyed splits into two smaller golems. Had a bad run of games & dropped back to 1800 trophies.

I'm still enjoying pootling around in No Man's Sky, finally found some underwater creatures, really wish the game would auto-charge the breathing equipment form the resources you have to save you going back into menus every few minutes.

Followed the atlas path which **spoilers** I won't talk about here best to watch the video below if you want to know.

I do need to get back to some Lego Star Wars but expect I'll be distracted by Deus Ex. Until next week keep gaming :)