New Console - Playstation 5


Some initial thoughts after playing for a few hours.

The controller really is special and the bundled Astro Playroom really shows off the new features from adaptive triggers to the haptic feedback. The game itself is a trip down Playstaion memory lane with lots of nice touches and nods to classic games.
The console itself is heavy & tall but most importantly very silent. Hopefully it will forever stay quiet and the days of PS4 turbine gaming are gone. The dashboard feels very slick, fast & responsive.
I've not purchased any other games on launch because I have an extensive PS4 collection to still enjoy starting with Ghost of Tsushima.


Need for Speed Payback (PS4) - Completed

I've had an itch to enjoy a racing game for a long time and nothing could scratch it until Need for Speed Payback was added to PS+ in October. 

Yes it has a really bad story but where it matters most in the driving it is great fun with four different classes in Drag, Race, Off-Road & Drift. Lots of events for you to complete which follow the main story arc in taking down various car leagues. There are also chips to collect, billboards to smash and tons of challenges from top speed, drift zones, jumps etc. In fact there are too many of these challenges that just litter the map!

To upgrade the cars you can complete events which you can replay if required to earn a card that will upgrade one of six components of your car. You can also visit a tuning shop to purchase these cards using the credits earned during the game. It is not too difficult to get cars up to the max level 18 and 399 rating.

When driving around you may get lucky and find a bait crate. These are great fun, you collect the crate & have to race to the destination with cops chasing you down.

Overall a great fun racing game that I enjoyed playing & it has definetly scratch my racing itch!


Sayonara Wild Hearts (PS4) - Completed


I wanted to take a break from playing Need for Speed Payback to enjoy Sayonara Wild Hearts, Its a short experience just over an hour to play through this musical album. Game play has different sections on endless running, shooting, flying & driving. There is a score challenge to get gold rank on the stages which is very difficult to do on the first attempt but can be achieved with multiple playthroughs.