New Game - Battlefield Hardline

After completing AC Unity next on the shelf was Battlefield Hardline. The presentation is very good, styled like a US cop TV show with episodes & recaps.

You play the role of Nick Mendoza who is a Miami cop involved in the drug war. Each episode advances the main story line whilst also giving you two types of side quests to complete.

The first are warrants, you have to identify your target & take them into custody. This is tough because your target will not be alone & you need to take out the other enemies with stealth so you can arrest your target. I've failed these warrant targets a few times & have had to retry from the last checkpoint. You don't have to retry & you can just carry on with the main campaign ignoring this side quest but where is the fun in that?

The other is case files where you track down clues to various cases, this is quite easy (although I did miss a couple & had to replay an episode) you just use your tracker to locate the clues to scan them. These cases do give you further information on the main quests so are not a pointless collectible.

I especially enjoyed episode 3 which has you visiting the everglades & you can drive an airboat. You are rewarded with more skill points for arresting an enemy which upgrade your level to unlock more weapons etc. The idea behind is to stop you going in gung-ho & just killing everything you see, trying to get you to play like a cop & arrest the bad guys.

Anyhow back to the everglades for me, I got some warrants to complete.

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