New Game - The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

After completing Battlefield Hardline I had nothing else to play & was a bit unsure about what to purchase. Asking fellow gamers on rllmuk two games got mention quite a bit Bloodborne & The Witcher 3.

I did not enjoy Dark Souls on the 360 & I don't enjoy playing excessively gory & potentially scary games. So I ordered The Witcher 3 along with Far Cry 4 (mainly to give Abbas something to enjoy) & DriveClub (I'm itching for a racing game, have not played one on the PS4.

DriveClub & Far Cry 4 have not been delivered but The Witcher 3 was waiting for me when I got back from work on Friday.

Over the weekend I have enjoyed making potions, swimming underwater for treasure, killing ghouls, finding a lost frying pan, getting scared by a noonwraith, collecting herbs & hunting a griffin.

I did have reservations about the game because of Skyrim. I thought I was done with medieval style rpgs but boy how wrong could I be, the Witcher 3 is an amazing game & I'm only still in the first location.

I've got a couple of side quests to complete before I turn in for my main quest & some locations I need to check for loot. Really wish we had a three day weekend so I could play the game some more.

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