Football Chairman - Money, Money, Money !!

With all the costs during a season like player wages, training facilities & the youth team. It is very difficult to ensure you end the season with a profit with the tax man taking his cut.

Finishing high up in the league, guarantees you end of season cash from the league, around £16 to £18 million. But when your weekly costs are around 650K even that is not enough to meet a season costs.

Match revenue is your main source of income. My stadium capacity is currently 35K which I can only really max out if I get a home quarter final cup tie. League matches, the attendance is effected by your current form & I average out around 18K. I've had to set the ticket prices high so I can generate the max revenue from the matches even though this annoys the fans.

Occasionally you might get an offer for one of your players which is difficult to refuse. I sold a 98 rated keeper for 64 Million which also helped me save £72K off the wage bill.

It's a very tough balancing act to ensure you generate enough money each season to keep the best players, attract the sponsors & invest in the infrastructure.

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