Lost Cities - 100 Games

Lost Cities is quickly becoming my most played iOS game, a very quick & easy game to learn but difficult to master.

I've enjoyed 100 games against Carl "The Board Game Geek" winning 66 games. I broke the 100 game barrier against Luffers a couple of months ago. I've now racked up nearly 500 online game wins.


Angry Birds Epic - Shredder

It just crashes too much, usually in the middle of a daily dungeon or when I have a level stage nearly completed.

For a a free to play game I have spent quite a few hours playing & have not hit any paywall. I've enjoyed the turn based gameplay & the slow progression to levelling up your characters.

But after another day of crashes it's time for it to go.


Completed - Monument Valley

A game truly suited to the device, making full use of the touch controls to give you a memorable experience.

It is a short game that you can complete in just over an hour but it is so beautifully made with some enjoyable puzzles. The Box is my favourite level slowly opening up to reveal it's interior.

It is that good that it goes into my Top 30+ list.

Hopefully at some point there will be a future update to add more levels.


Trials Fusion - Man, Machine, Da

I have fallen out of love with Zelda Wind Waker at the moment, the just another dungeon gameplay is beginning to destroy my enjoyment in the game. I have left it in limbo to go & enjoy Trials Fusion (Purchased in the recent Playstation Store sale).

The boys have played quite a few tracks, so I like to gloat whenever I manage to beat the times they have set. I am not that good at the track stages but I do enjoy the skill games & looking forward to setting some records on them.

Completed - Epic Astro Story

Another Kairosoft game this time you are building your own planet, exploring caves & other planets to find treasure. Trying to attract more residents to settle on your planet which in turn increases your work force & drives up your revenue.

It's another Kairosoft classic & equally addictive.