Micro Transactions

"EA is building micro-transactions into all of its PC and console games, the company has announced"


Seriously !! WTF !!

You know EA will also be charging up front for the game & then expect you to shell out more with in-game purchases etc.

What worries me is that all the other big publishers will also follow EA's lead.

Watchdogs in-app purchase to upgrade hacking abilities.

Final Fantasy 47 in-app purchases to gain a level-up or purchase a powerful weapon.

I know EA had in-app with Dead Space 3 & you can complete the game without but how long before a game is designed with in-app purchase in mind.

Resident Evil game to heal yourself you need to purchase a med pack or rest for 8 hours.

The possibilities are endless.

I may have to think twice about clearing out my collection, I think keeping a few choice titles from previous generations may be a wise move.

The next gen will be approached with caution, I'll sit back & wait a few years & then go buy a Nintendo Wii U.


New Game - Ni No Kuni

Going to a game show, nothing really surprises you anymore because we have all seen the trailers & gameplay videos thanks to the internet.

But last year at Eurogamer I played two games I knew nothing about Tokyo Jungle & Ni No Kuni.

Ni No Kuni is beautiful lets just get that statement over with, it is Studio Gibhli teaming up with Level 5 to make a J-RPG

I have not attempted to play a J-RPG since the Final Fantasy fiasco a few years ago, Ni No Kuni has its frustrating moments in some boss fights which require you to do a bit of thinking in how to tackle the fight. The fight sequences do not give you a moment to pause, so make sure you press that L1 to stop the action, giving you a brief moment to regroup & plan how to take on a particular boss fight. If I am truthfully honest I do not like the fight sequences, I much prefer the stop, think approach of a final fantasy game.

You collect familiars (Pokemon if you wish) though out the world & train them up to fight for you. They have the usual range of attacks & their own special attributes.

In the story I have just gotten a ship at Castaway Cove & now have two more companions in Esther & Swaine. We are off to to find a great sage in the town of Hamelin. I am however going to take a short stop at Castaway Cove to rejig the familiars I am carrying & ensure I have an evenly balanced squad.

After a weekend of playing I am enjoying my return to a J-RPG.

Tidy !!