Completed - Ni No Kuni

It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a J-RPG, Ni No Kuni does have it's grinding moments like most J-RPGs but you can overcome these by doing the many sidequests in the game.

I spent a bit of time finishing off all the sidequests & sourcing materials to make better weapons before entering the ivory tower for the final showdown with the white witch.

I won't kid, the last boss fight is very tough & I just about managed it with my level 80 characters, any lower would have been a struggle.

Lovely music mixed with gorgeous visuals made for a truly amazing experience, if I had any gripes it would be that I wish instead of text it was fully voice acted.

Anyhow back to some games that I have neglected for a while X-Com & Borderlands 2.


Sonic Drift King

I've not played the career mode & jumped straight onto online multiplayer with GusTavToo. Actually before the PMG with Gus I had a few races with the first three finishing on a DNF.

You need to know how to drift in this game hold down that LT & control your vehicle for longer drifts & then let go to boost !!

It's not just all about being able to drift, more important than that you need to learn the maps. Because once you do then you will know when to drift & where the jumps are to perform tricks.

I managed to a streak of two 4th place finishes followed by a dizzy 2nd place taking my ELO up to 1195 before falling flat on my face with a 7th & a DNF on a new track.

Not bad for a first play but I have a long way to go before I can become the drift king.


Ni No Kuni - Shadar

Finally managed to spend a few hours playing Ni No Kuni to continue with the main storyline. I made it to the Marshes, it was easier to just use levitate across the marshes to avoid getting poisoned & then meet Shadar's sidekick Vileheart, not too difficult to beat using my strategy of controlling Oliver to attack or heal the other characters if needed. Making sure to defend against the power moves.

You cut a story sequence after beating Vileheart learning more about Oliver's mother & Oliver falls into a mini coma. When he awakes you are off to fight Vileheart again once more.

Then finally the moment you've been waiting for, the showdown with Shadar.

After making your way through his twisty castle you are treated to some lovely cut scenes & then get to fight Shadar not once or twice but in THREE different forms!!

Makes me glad I spent some time grinding my characters/familiars up to the higher 60 levels thus making these fights easier to manage using Oliver once again in a healing role if needed.

The story of Shadar then concludes nicely and you learn he was not that bad of a bloke after all, just a little messed up.

What follows would easily be ending credits in most games until yes you've guessed it ZOMBIES !!

I kid you not a mysterious gas arrives just in time before you depart to return to Motorville & turns the town residents of Ding Dong Dell all into the undead. Really truly a LOL moment.

Off you go again visiting the three towns of Ding Dong Dell, Al Mamoom & Hamelin to save the infected residents with the help of your mysterious friend Pea.

That was all for today & I assume the white witch is waiting for Oliver & his crew to pay her a visit.

But before I do, I think a bit more grinding & sourcing of materials to create some weapons & armour is needed. It was good to get a few hours this weekend to enjoy the game & finally kick Shadar's BUTT !!



gospvg - getting old & still playing video games

The first part is still correct, I'm getting older but the second part not so much.

Be it because of family, new job, age or just boredom. I am not enjoying playing video games on console or mobile.

The fact I turned off playing ni no kuni to continue watching a few more episodes of a TV box set. Just shows what I am enjoying more for entertainment & it's not gaming.

I'll keep the tag for now but it needs to be amended to getting old & stopped playing video games.