New Game - CounterSpy

Time for something else after completing a 40 hour epic & play some of the smaller PSN titles I have accumulated over the past few months. I've got a few to enjoy in CounterSpy, Valiant Hearts, Child of Light & Never Alone. I saw Abbas play CounterSpy & it looked fun enough to give it a go, It is however tough trying to go stealth kills only & sometimes I have to resort to a firefight to complete a level.

One of my better missions below (trust me there are quite a few where I have failed miserably) where I managed to moved the Defcon from 2 to 5.

I still have a couple of retail games on the shelf to play in Assassin Creed Unity & Metro Redux. I won't be buying any more until I have completed those which to be honest might take me up to June when Batman Arkham Knight is released.

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