Shadow of Mordor - Completed

A 40 hour game has taken me nearly 3 months to complete, that is poor going. I've not had much time for gaming lately.

I completed the Lithariel missions & then continued on with the main quest with the Lord of Mordor. This mission has you controlling your warchiefs to take down a large army or Uruks & Black Captains.

You then arrive at the Tower and a twist in the plot reveals more about your return & control. You then have to defeat the tower which is an odd fight because I found it very easy with stealth attacks. The last mission Mordor in Flames has you attacking The Talons of the Black Hand which are more powerful captains, luckily all my branded warchiefs survived the previous mission & where on hand to help me take down these captains with ease.

You then finally meet the Black Hand and after some cut scenes are treated to a quick-time section upon completion the Black Hand is defeated. Very disappointing last boss fight way too easy & boring. The Hammer fight was far more enjoyable & challenging.

Anyhow after 40 odd hours, Shadow of Mordor completed. Next CounterSpy.

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